Thursday, August 31, 2017

Teen Charged In Cannibal Stabbing!

Corey Smith is a Mississippi teen who is being charged as an adult in the brutal stabbing of a 61 year old woman.

He stabbed severely and cut her ear off. He may have eaten the ear. This teen then stole her car.

This was a robbery committed by a 14 year old boy. This boy is charged as an adult with aggravated assault, auto theft and armed robbery. These charges could put this teen in the iron college for LIFE.

The suspect is innocent until proven guilty.

The victim was attacked on a local Jackson city street. The woman backed her vehicle into her driveway, got out an walked to her house. This teen ran up on her.

He cuts her ear and stabbed her multiple times. Some injuries were in her chest and neck.

The woman's purse, car keys, and Toyota RAV4 were stolen.

She was found in a pool of blood the Jackson police stated.

The suspect appeared in court an looked emotionless. The suspect was close to her mother during the preliminary hearing.

The woman forgiven her attacker.

"She's already forgiven him. We are people of faith, so we know how important it is to operate in forgiveness." said Columbus O'Banner, the brother of the victim.

Just in case that one conservative who says we don't cover these stories. Well here's one.

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