Thursday, August 24, 2017

InfoWars Continues To Slander Michelle Obama!

Time to boycott this shit.
I am wondering whether Sleeping Giants and Media Matters for America is launching an ad boycott of this bullshit. This bullshit is being promoted by a right wing nut who got mainstream attention for his relentless support of Donald J. Trump.

Alex Jones and his kookspiracy website InfoWars posted this about former First Lady Michelle Obama.

The posting "Is this the final proof Michelle Obama is a man? - #1 video on the web."

This is the website that Donald Trump reads.

This website became mainstream thanks to Megyn Kelly's shameless promotion of this website and this truly disgusting figure of this white extremist movement they've labeled the alt-right.
Alex Jones is promoting this bullshit.

"I'm not saying Michelle Obama is a tranny and I don't hate trannies, I am libertarian. But we have famous photos of her where it appears that she have a bulge in her pants. And we have Joan Rivers, who was big fan of gays and trannies and everything else saying, 'Hey we already have our first gay couple. Because Michelle is a tranny.'"

Jones is trying to accused Obama of having her murdered.

Jones of course made this not only a racial issue but a transphobic issue. He basically is calling transwomen, "trannies."

And remember that racist Ben Garrison and his infamous picture.
The one that brought him into the mainstream.

Ever since Donald J. Trump got into power, this country has become more divided than ever.

He openly endorse this type of bullshit.

White extremists aren't wearing hoods anymore. They're writing blogs. They're trolling Black-oriented websites. They're drawing political cartoons. They're getting paid to promote bullshit.

We need to put the breaks on these folks.

Alex Jones, Joseph Paul Watson and Ben Garrison are disgusting human piles of shit.

Fuck them.

Michelle Obama said, "When they go low, we go high!"

Melania Trump wanted to curb online bullying and slander. I guess it's not working. Her own husband is a bully.

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