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Evil Walter Plecker

The following article is from the Washington Post regarding Walter Ashby Plecker and how he wanted a racially divided society in Virginia during his reign as the Bureau of Vital Statistics registrar.  It's just like the orange hair guy who still wants to build the wall and to ban Muslims from coming to our country. A few days ago, the Republicans passed a bill to limit legal immigration and to give visas to mainly skilled English-speaking immigrants.  The similarities are frightening and sinister.  Here's the article:

Death of 'a devil'

                            The look of Hate:  Walter Ashby Plecker.  Making America "great"
                            again through racial repression and genocide of many peoples.  

                            Trump would be proud of that despicable piece of s**t.  

According to the Washington Post:

"He built his career on the systematic oppression of blacks and Native Americans, becoming one of the country’s most influential white supremacists. For more than three decades, from 1912 until 1946, Walter Ashby Plecker used his position as head of Virginia’s Bureau of Vital Statistics to champion policies designed to protect what he considered a master white race.
He was the father of the state’s Racial Integrity Act of 1924, which designated every person in the state as either white or “colored” and criminalized interracial marriage. Plecker insisted that any person with a single drop of “Negro” blood couldn’t be classified as white, and he refused to even acknowledge that Native Americans existed in the commonwealth, effectively erasing their legal identities."

He also tried to destroy the Melungeon people as well because he consider them as threats similar to the rhetoric of many Republicans used toward Black and Brown folks as well as Muslims, atheists, and other non-Christian groups in recent times.  His racist legacy did not die in 1947, it was taken up by race-baiting politicians such as Strom Thurmond, Richard "Law and Order" Nixon, Jesse Helms, Steve Scalese, David Duke, Steve King, and of course, Donald.

Here's an excerpt from The Richmond Afro-American in 1947:

Read more at the Washington Post and be sure to link and tweet that article before it disappears.

Did you know that he's the originator of the notoriously racist one-drop rule?  Here it is according to Wikipedia:

"Plecker lobbied the US Census Bureau to drop the category "mulatto" in the 1930 and later censuses. This deprived mixed-race people of recognition of their identity and it also contributed to a binary culture of hypodescent, in which mixed-race persons were often classified as part of the group with lower social status.[5] Not until the 21st century did the federal census allow individuals to indicate more than one race or ethnic group in self-identification."

In other words, he's the father of racial profiling.  In fact, modern-day racial profiling originated with Plecker.  Whether we hear about police profiling, medical DNA, employment/education/housing discrimination, racial gerrymandering, voter suppression, etc., that deplorable racist was the originator.

He told the white mother regarding her newborn child.  What he told her was hateful and dehumanizing:
"This is to give you warning that this is a mulatto child and you cannot pass it off as white. A new law passed by the last legislature says that if a child has one drop of negro blood in it, it cannot be counted as white. You will have to do something about this matter and see that the child is not allowed to mix with white children, it cannot go to white schools and can never marry a white person in Virginia.
It is an awful thing."

So, this SOB called her child an "it" and "awful!  How evil and racist can he be!  Let's not forget that 45(Trump) is also an evil racist and an SOB. And shock jock Bob Dumas. And former NC Governor Pat McCrory.  The ghost of Plecker is alive and well and wants vengeance!  Be vigilant.  Stay woke!

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I'll keep writing about this POS because of the events in Charlottesville and the refusal on the part of Trump condemning white supremacist violence.

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