Sunday, August 27, 2017

Charlottesville Police Lets A Terrorist Pops Off!

The law sat there when a terrorist fired off a round.

"Hey Nigger!" - Before the gun was fired.

America's still reeling from the Unite The Right event. Many white extremists came in unison at the campus of the University of Virginia to protest the removal of the Confederate statue of Robert E. Lee.

The Virginia Commonwealth Police, the Charlottesville Police and National Guard really let the ball drop on this one.

It's the fault of the Charlottesville Police. They stood aside while a white extremist fires his gun at a Black protester. The video circulated online and it's been getting major attention. The police let it become a "free for all."

This extremist pointed and fired off a his piece into the ground and no response from the law.

The Black protester set ablaze the Confederate flag and it angers the terrorist.

Richard Wilson Prston was arrested following the release of the video. This terrorist is innocent unitl proven guilty in a court of law.

The ACLU of Virginia was the group that filmed the encounter.

The incident injured 50 people. The incident killed a woman. Heather Heyer was struck by this white terrorist from Ohio.

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