Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Black Troll At Trump Rally Steals The Show!

Generic Black guy at Trump's Phoenix rally.
Some Black extremist from Florida traveled to Phoenix to plug his website and his man crush, Donald J. Trump.

Michael Symonette is a 40-something guy who got major attention on the social webs after he rose up his Blacks for Trump 2020 promo. He has done it many times and the inept leader noticed it.

He didn't recognize the guy holding it was the same guy who was at his campaign rallies before he took over as the leader of this goddamn country.

He is from Lakeland, Florida. He is a member of some Black extremist group called Yahweh ben Yahweh organization. It's called a Black nationalist religious sect. The Southern Poverty Law Center said that organization has done violent acts against its members.

Symonette goes by the name of Maurice/Michael the Black man and his government name.
Trolling Black extremist is a Trump supporter. 
He seriously believed that Barack Obama is plotting an assassination attempt against him. I am assuming that he believe that Obama is involved in the "deep state" against Trump.

This guy is a criminal. Trump doesn't care. He needed that one Black person to help him misspell the notion that he's catering to White Extremists.

Symonette is a Republican and part of the Raging Elephants, a Black conservative organization devoted to helping elect Black Republicans to higher office.

People protesting the rally were hit with tear gas and some were arrested.

The rally in Arizona was extremely polarizing. Trump spend a portion of his rally criticizing the junk food media, John McCain, Jeff Flake, the slow walking of his agenda and his 2020 reelection.

Trump already declared he's intending on running for a second term.

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