Monday, August 07, 2017

Birthday Sex Got A Woman Suing Usher!

Usher isn't true to his confessions.
Usher Raymond IV is a singer, actor, dancer, performer and music producer. He is 37 years old and is married to Grace Miguel. Usher has two children from his previous relationship with Tameka Foster.

The representatives for Usher haven't spoke on the lawsuit. Today, Lisa Bloom filed a lawsuit on behalf of a woman who claimed the R&B star had unprotected sex with her leaving vulnerable to contacting an incurable disease.

Quantasia Sharpton said that when she was 19, she met the singer on her birthday. She had an unforgettable night with a pop star. She details how the singer reaches out to victims.

She was invited on stage to show Usher if she was truly a fan. Sharpton showed all she got and was rewarded a night with the singer.

Sharpton was excited that Usher wanted her number. He called from a blocked number and asked if she could meet her at a hotel. She did willingly.

So they get intimate and make love.

She felt the love and thanked Usher for making her night a memorable one.
Quantasia Sharpton slams Usher for failing to disclose he contracted a STD.
Usher gives her a hug and kiss and told her, "We'll keep in touch!"

By that time, Usher moves on from concert to concert. Sharpton never heard from him again. By that time, she has a child and lives a healthy life.

That's until she read the latest news about Usher.

When news broke that Usher allegedly paid $3 million to an anonymous woman who contracted herpes from a night of unprotected sex, the news sent the junk food media into a tailspin.

An entertainer with a net worth of $120 million was letting it burn.

Another woman and a man have also came forth to say that Usher may have gave them herpes as well.

Bloom who is dealing with a handful of high profile lawsuits is representing Sharpton and the other two victims.

Bloom and her mother Gloria Allred are involved in the lawsuits against Fox News, the estate of Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, Bill Cosby, Eric Boiling, Charlie Sheen and even the inept leader Donald J. Trump.

Bloom recently endorsed Kathy Griffin. The comedian is filing a lawsuit against CNN and Trump for loss of revenue and harassment. She infamously held a decapitated bloody prop head of Trump. It was widely condemned by Americans.

Note: If you listen to Gucci Mane's song Another B*tch With Me, you hear a verse that gives me ominous signs that Usher isn't the only one burning.

Your wife be fucking my partner
Oh that's your girlfriend but watch around with Waka (Flocka)
Save the bell with Scooter, now the bitch with Luda
I seen the bitch with Usher, my homeboy just bust her
If these rap niggas do their girlfriends like I do, they wouldn't touch us
She's a sucka for love, she's a fine motherfucker
I just seen her with Busta, I hope you don't love her

Kind of makes you wonder....

Busta Rhymes is already being called out by a woman for allegedly giving her herpes. Guwop mentions these names in the song. Makes you think.

It's best you get tested. Black men, wrap it up.

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