Thursday, August 10, 2017

A.J. Delgado: Jason Miller Is Baby Daddy Broke!

A.J. Delgado confirms that former Trump advisor Jason Miller fathered her child.
"That's news to me," said A.J. Delgado, the former conservative agitator who served as an advisor to the Donald J. Trump transition team.

It was a dig at the baby daddy.

It was a snide remark to Jason Miller, the disgraced communication advisor who rejected a role at the White House citing "family concerns." He is a commentator on CNN.

It was confirmed by Miller that he fathered a child with Delgado.

Miller who is married had an affair with the former Mediaite writer while his wife was pregnant with his child.

Miller apparently found lust.

Delgado is a baby mama who isn't taking kind to Miller.

Miller went to the New York Post to acknowledge he and Delgado had a brief relationship when he was estranged from his wife. The two made love in Las Vegas and she wanted a relationship.

He said he loves his wife and his children. He welcomes his son to the family.
The disgraced Trump advisor is a dead beat dad. He had a love child with A.J. Delgado.Now his mistress is steaming mad that he won't take care of their son.
The scenario as explained by me.

Jason Miller: Bitch, I got a wife at home. I don't need your crazy ass stalking my family.

A.J. Delgado: Okay, I am pregnant.

Miller: Good luck on finding the baby father. I bet it was that dude you were with. I ain't got nothing to do with this. 

Delgado: Why would you do this? I loved you and I can't believe you are doing this shit. 

Miller: Donald Trump got me a job and I ain't going to lose that spot cause of your crazy ass! I got a family and I ain't trying to deal with a bitch. That ain't my baby. Lose my number.

That's what I believe Miller done when he knocked Delgado up.

Delgado said that Miller is a "deadbeat" and he hasn't seen his child since.

Delgado is a woman of Cuban-American heritage. She often gone to bat for the Trumpster when he stepped in it. She was a frequent feature on Sean "Softball" Hannity's right wing carnival.

Here's a collection of her Twitter postings.

Now she is raising her son and taking a brief hiatus from the toxic politics we're experiencing.

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