Monday, July 10, 2017

What Happened To Bakari Henderson?

Barkari Henderson (left) was vacationing in Greece when he was jumped by a group of thugs. He died and the police charged them with murder.

His friends called him a "dreamer" and a gift to the world. They are mourning the death of a 22-year old man who was on vacation in Greece. He just celebrated graduation and was a club when a fight broke out.

A Greek bartender, a British bouncer and six Serbian nationals brutally attacked Bakari Henderson.

The Austin, Texas graduate suffered fatal head injuries. He would die at the local hospital.

The Zakinthos Police arrested the men and they will be tried in court for murder.

Bakari was with friends when these foreign nationals were harassing women. A bar goer sat a drink on a table occupied by a different group. After Bakari left the bar, another heated confrontation lead to these thugs serving him a knuckle style chili with toe jam side order.

They threw him on the street and left him for dead.

Henderson graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in business administration.

"As you can imagine, our family is devastated by the recent loss of our beloved son Bakari Jaward Henderson," said the family in a presser. "Bakari loved spending tim with family and friends, traveling, and meeting new people. He was a big thinker and enjoyed coming up with new business ventures. Bakari was an inspiration to all he met. He loved life to the fullest."

Foreign tourists often visit the Greek island of Zakinthos to party.

Americans were cautioned about hanging around large groups.

Being a Black man in Europe is dangerous.

Nationalism is on the rise and of course, with Blacks being establishments patroned by White people could be dangerous. Neo-Nazis often troll bars to seek out immigrants and Blacks.

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