Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Now Baby!

This is not Jeremy Meeks' wife. This is his mistress Chloe Green. The hottest model who is an ex-felon was caught making out with a British socialite and heiress.

The world's hottest model Jeremy Meeks is caught up in a scandal. The former ex-felon who shot to stardom because of his mugshot is a famed male model.

He is also a married man with children. His wife Melissa Meeks and son Jeremy, Jr., are social media titans as well.

Meeks was caught making out with a British heiress and celebrity agitator.

Chloe Green and Meeks were caught making out while he was doing a gig in Bodrum, Turkey.
This is Meeks wife. Melissa was caught off guard by tabloid pictures.
The Daily Mail and E! News report the two were sharing an intimate kiss over the past weekend and were snuggled up together as they waited to be taken back to this $145,000-a-week yacht in Turkey.

The scandal has people inflamed about Meeks behavior. He has a beautiful wife.

Meeks has a son with Melissa. She also has two children from a previous relationship.

Meeks was detained at the gate when he tried to enter Britain. He is convicted felon and spent time for criminal offenses. He was a former gangbanger.
This is not a modeling picture. This is a family photo.
Nonetheless, Meeks gave up the life and became a successful model. He donates to charity and got his life together. He would eventually marry Melissa and they've been married for at least 8 years.

All of that thrown away for a 26-year old party girl who will dump him at a moment's notice.

Anyway, he's a money maker. He's posed in many modeling ads and it seems like he's getting nearly $20 million in revenue.

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