Wednesday, July 19, 2017

John McCain Gets Quality Healthcare And Yet He Plans On Taking Away Yours!

Brain cancer got John McCain in dire straits.
You may have wondered why Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was acting "lost" during the testimony of former FBI chief James Comey. Well it turns out that he had more than a "senior moment."

It was confirmed by the junk food media that 80 year old former 2008 Republican nominee has brain cancer.

There was a brain tumor that had cancer in it and the senator had to have it removed.

Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence, the former five presidents and many colleagues from both sides of the aisle came out with nothing but support for him to fight this. Mind you that I don't believe Trump's sincere. He said that "crusty" guy is a part of the problems in Washington.

Trump, Pence and Melania went to social media along to share thoughts and prayers to the McCain family. He appointed Cindy McCain to be an ambassador.

Barack Obama, his rival and eventual president said that he was an American hero and one of the bravest fighters he has known. He wished him well during treatment.

Hillary Clinton said that McCain is as tough as they come. She said that Cindy and the family are blessed to have him.

Former running mate and celebrity agitator Sarah Palin is that McCain is one tough fighter. She said that he has the courage and strength to overcome this.

There's concern that McCain who was reelected in 2016 may not return as scheduled.

The Mayo Clinic said doctors discovered a tumor called a glioblastoma following surgery to remove a blood clot from his lazy left eye. The senator and the family are considering a variety of treatments.

The Washington Post reports that a combination of chemotherapy and radiation could occur.

McCain's illness also points out the massive hypocrisy. McCain and Rep. Steve Scalise (R-VA) support Trump's call to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

These two are getting the best treatment most die for.

Scalise still recovering from his gunshot injury has placed him in intensive care. He's been injured in the leg and had a severe infection. They are working on treating him. He might lose his leg after this.

His daughter, conservative agitator Meghan McCain has express support for her father. She appears on Outnumbered on Fox News to address her father's health.

It's funny that we have a moment of unity in the wake of a tragedy. Soon after this passes, we're back to the ideological corners ready to destroy one another.

I won't send my thoughts and prayers to McCain. I am not praying away the pain.

McCain's health was bad. He knew it. He just was stubborn to take care of it. Instead of retiring, he chose to run for senate so he could continue obstruction if the Democrats had won the White House.

Now that Trump is in office, McCain was full steam ahead on repealing everything Barack Obama achieved.

The Republicans have 52 members in the Senate and they can't even pass their own healthcare bill.

Four senators refuse to support the all-out repeal the Affordable Care Act. He wanted to give Senate a least 2 years to accomplish this. Many Americans disapprove of the proposals.

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