Monday, July 24, 2017

Jim Vance Passed Away!

Jim Vance a longtime Washington, DC reporter passed away. He is with mayor Muriel Bowser.

Washington, DC and some of the nationally known journalists all paid tribute to a legendary anchor.

Jim Vance passed away over the weekend and an outpouring of sympathy from both sides of the aisle for one of Washington's most respected journalists.

Before he was a journalist, Vance was a teacher in Philadelphia. He started working for the media around the late 1960s. According to NBC4 Washington, Vance made a name for himself covering stories across the world.

Notable events were Vietnam, El Salvador and South Africa. He reported on stories that dealt with issues in the Washington, DC. Whereas many in the junk food media refer Washington to Donald J. Trump and Congress, the real Washington were the people who lived, worked, socialized and played in the nation's capital.

Vance was there for that.

He was an only child and he made friends with the media his family.

Vance had struggled through life during his time as a reporter. He was a battling depression and was dealing with drugs. He was addicted to cocaine and alcohol. He went to recovery and overcame drug addiction.

Vance also was married three times. He was briefly married to Margo Vance and had a daughter. named Dawn from that marriage. He would have a marriage to Barbara Schmidt for which he had two other children with. His daughter Amani and Brendon were born from Barbara.

His last wife was Kathy McCampbell who he married while a reporter for WRC-TV.

He passed away from cancer.

He was one of the longest-serving television anchor with more than 45 years with WRC-TV (NBC4).

He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

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