Friday, July 28, 2017

How's That Fancy Lobster, Softball Hannity?

Sean "Softball" Hannity had a fancy lobster at a Trump hotel. He denies it. 
The official softball of the Donald J. Trump corporation dismissed the accusations that he spent a lavish amount of money at one of the inept leader's properties. It was revealed that Sean "Softball" Hannity, Kimberly Guilfoyle, his ex-boss and friend Bil Shine joined the inept leader for a dinner this week.

Anthony Scaramucci got livid over who leaked out the New Yorker's Ryan Lizza.

He threatened Lizza and the leaker for the very mention of it.

The softball was on radio in Washington saying he's here in the swamp for an important gathering.

Obviously, we knew he was there in DC to see his buddy.

Scaramucci called the Lizza and those who undermine Trump, "unpatriotic."

During the inauguration, the softball was there to enjoy the festivities. The festivities were at Trump International Hotel, the softball, Mike Pence and Steve Mnuchin had a good time with the inept leader.

GQ said that a waiter had hosted the most annoying conservative agitator in the junk food media. The waiter said the softball ran a $42,000 check on a restaurant. He ordered a lobster. Matter of fact, a 40 year old lobster from Maine.

The softball got riled up over that accusation.

Mind you that the softball is a fierce defender of his buddy.

Remember the softball demonized then President Barack Obama. He was bemoaning about the Obamas on vacation, his birth certificate, his daughters, former First Lady Michelle Obama's remarks on racism, and insulted him by calling him the "anointed one."

He infamously complained about Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden going into a Five Guys Hamburger asking for Dijon mustard on his hamburger.

"How's that fancy hamburger, Mr. President?" - The softball said in 2009.
Softball Hannity.
Next month, the Sean Hannity Word Vomit.... I will address him and the constant word vomit he spews on radio and television. His formula isn't working anymore.

MSNBC is licking their chops. They hope to take the Number 1 spot. With Bill O'Reilly being off the air and living in washed up celebrity status, the softball is the only relic left on the primetime. His right wing carnival is typical of most opinion shows. It's nothing more than the host and most of his supporters bashing Obama, Hillary Clinton, the junk food media and those who criticize Trump.

It's getting old and people are not watching softball.

More on the White House feud in the next posting.

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