Sunday, July 02, 2017

Feds Nab Terrorist Who Murdered Bianca Roberson In Road Rage Attack!

The law nabbed a man who shot a teen driving on a Philadelphia highway.

When will they name a law in honor of this young Black woman?


Our federal government is planning is honoring a victim who was killed by an illegal immigrant who accidentally fired a gun and it struck her.

Kate Steinle was shot by a ricochet bullet and died a few hours later in a San Francisco hospital.

Donald J. Trump is urging Congress to pass Kate's Law, a bill that the House passed on partisan rancor. This law is to make state and local authorities arrest minor offenders who aren't living residents of the United States. The Senate will have trouble trying to get it passed because Republicans don't have a super-majority and Democrats are signaling opposition.

Why can't Congress work on gun control measures to ensure things like this never happen?

Americans kill Americans far more than an international terrorist group. So these stupid bans against six Muslim majority nations is a stupid idea. These stupid laws to punish lawful immigrants is stupid.

Allowing gun crimes to continue is stupid. At least 85 people are shot or killed by firearms.

To have a federal government dictate how money is spent in a city because they refuse to support a draconian law that impose sanctions on communities of color is stupid.

Trump war on people of color extends to the roads, the waterways and the not-so-friendly skies.

The Pennsylvania State Police and the FBI nab the terrorist who murdered an 18 year old woman in a road rage incident in West Philadelphia.

It happened in West Chester, a suburb of Philadelphia a week ago.

David Desper is being charged with murder, felonious assault with a deadly weapon and fleeing the scene of an accident. This terrorist is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The 28 year old man used his conceal carry 2nd Amendment rights to terrorize a young woman who dreamed for the day to go to college. All over a lane change.

It didn't take long.
This terrorist murdered Bianca Roberson.
The state police aided by the feds wanted this terrorist lockup.

What happened was the terrorist tried to merge on State Highway 101 near U.S. 202. He would pull out his firearm and shot Bianca in the head. He would flee like a "bat out of hell."

This wasn't a road rage incident. This was clear terrorism.

Bianca was going preparing for college. This radical extremist ruins the life of this young woman who didn't do anything whatsoever to him. All over a lane change.

When will Colin Flaherty, Bearing Arms, the NRA and every other conservative outlet call upon White America to denounce this act?

Should the progressives start blaming Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence for the actions of this terrorist?

Matter of fact, shootings occur everyday in the United States. This one happens to make the national headlines. The rest of the events that happen in this god forsaken hell hole is just local.

By the way, I find out that Bob Owens, the editor and founder of Bearing Arms is no longer on this earth. He was found dead in his North Carolina subdivision of an apparent suicide. His contributors continue on their attack towards lawful people of color owning firearms. The website continues to undermine Black victims and support state sponsored terrorism toward people of color.

State sponsored terrorism towards Blacks is the police shootings of unarmed individuals.

Owens along with Flaherty are White extremists who promote this BOE violence meme. The Black on everything meme is what these racial agitators promote on their WE websites.

Owens was a part of this. I am not going to mourn his lost. I hope they had cremated his body and loaded his ashes into a vacuum.


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