Friday, July 21, 2017

Dirty Cop Planted Drugs On Suspect In Baltimore!

Baltimore Police plain clothes planted evidence on a suspect.
The Baltimore City Police are under fire once again. The junk food media is talking about a body camera release of a cop allegedly planting drugs on a suspect. It resulted in an arrest.

Now the state prosecutor Marilyn Mosby will have to review all the arrests made by the dirty cop.

Some of the people who were arrested will likely have charges dropped because of this action.

The clip ran less than 90 seconds and during this encounter, the undercover was rummaging through the trash and happened to find a baggie on the ground.

The public defender for the suspect happened to find this footage and it was turned over to the city prosecutor.

Commissioner Kevin Davis was steaming mad over this. Officer Richard Pinheiro was placed in the freezer. He was the person who placed a baggie in a can. Two other officer who accompanied Pinherio were placed in the freezer as well. But the severity went to Pinheiro. He will likely hire an attorney and use the police union to defend him.
Heavy unearthed the photos of dirty cop Richard "Rick" Pinerio, Jr.
The dirty cop didn't know his body camera was running.

"I'm gonna go check her," said the dirty cop as he makes a short laugh from one of his partners.

He claims he found "boy" and the suspect was detained. Turns out that footage got the charges dropped. The public defender was applaud that the officer would stoop so low. With heighten tension in the city between the police and people of color, I wouldn't be surprised that Baltimore Police placed drugs on Freddie Gray.

Back in 2015, Freddie Gray was severely injured in police van. The police officers who were responsible were charged but the acquitted of the murder of Gray. The incident sparked unrest in the city.

"Boy" is street slang for heroin.

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