Saturday, July 01, 2017

Conservative Outrage Over Elmo!

This is CNN. Go There!

According to the inept leader and the conservative agitators in the junk food media, it is "fake news" devoted to trashing Republicans. This week ends with conservative outrage over a Muppet character sharing his experiences with children over the world.

And even in war torn Syria, children do watch Sesame Street.

Donald J. Trump's war with cable news is a distraction. He wants get his agenda done and the Republicans are willing to help him do it. Like this repealing of the Affordable Care Act.

Trump basically said that he wants to repeal the law and work on something better in the future.

The attacks on Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough is what Republicans wants for a leader. A leader who will never live up to the title. His predecessors despise him. Five living ex-presidents view Trump very negatively.

His first year in office is already been tarnished. He's not Making America Great Again!

If he was, he would be actually do something he should be proud of doing. Instead, he wants to appease a base of extremists by repealing the achievements of Barack Obama.

Now the conservative agitating never stops. They now pick a fight with Sesame Street's iconic character Elmo.

Elmo went to a Syrian refugee camp and meet children. He goes to CNN to talk about the experience.

Cue the conservative outrage.

Many believe that Elmo is brainwashing children into hating Trump and his controversial Muslim and refugee bans.

Sesame Street promotes diversity and unity. CNN at least wants to promote something other than attacking its competitors.

Fox News and especially that annoying conservative/alt-right agitator Sean "Softball" Hannity are on this fixation with the junk food media's criticism of Trump. The network would spend most of its time criticizing the media instead of the issues facing Americans.

Elmo could help bring people together.  Unfortunately, we live in a polarized society where even a television character is ridiculed for doing what's good in the country let alone the world.

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