Sunday, June 18, 2017

White Extremists Killed Georgia Guards! Media Ignored!

Two White extremists on the run were caught in Tennessee. The two overpowered two guards and were on the run .

They didn't ignore it. But given the situation with the Republican lawmaker being shot, this story wasn't a top priority to the junk food media.

By the way, expect more.

And of course, the blame game. Obviously, Black Lives Matter will be blamed for the deaths of two Georgia iron college guards at the hands of two White extremists.

While the conservative media was worked up about the "left wing" assassination of Republicans, two White extremists were on the loose in the South. They were caught by a Tennessee father who happened to be strapped that day.

Patrick Hale didn't know the two individuals tried to jack him that day. He was lucky.
Donnie Row and Ricky Dubose were caught. They will be charged with capital murder. 
The individuals overpowered two guards on route to an iron college ward.

Donnie Row and Ricky Dubose were on the run for a week. The week the two were on the run.

They killed Sgt. Christopher Monica and Sgt. Curtis Billue. The two were not secured on the bus.

Somehow they managed to escape and kill them. They jacked a nosy passerby and took off.

When they ran out of gas, they broke into a home stole some clothes and food. After they were spotted in Northern Georgia, the two jacked an elderly couple. By that time, the law gave chase.

The two eluded the law until they reached Tennessee where a father named Patrick Hale was taking his child to daycare. The two come out of nowhere trying to jack him. They didn't think he was going to be holding the holster of his shotgun. By the time they tried to open his door and punch him in the face, Hale grabbed his firearm and ordered them to the ground.
Curtis Billue and Chris Monica were killed by two White extremists.

The two tasting concrete as Hale called the law on them. Within three minutes a whole lot of lawmen came with guns drawn.

The two mistaken the father for being a lawman.

Now the two are facing capital murder along with escape. The charges in Georgia could give these two the DEATH card.

They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

They were on the loose for four days. No one in the junk food media was covering this. They were obsessed with the "left wing" assassination of Republicans. Of course, you would have to thank the most annoying conservative agitator in the junk food media for making mass shootings a political issue.
A time for mourning. Georgia guards hold hands in solidarity.
You notice in this fast paced junk food media, stories about gun violence come quick. One moment we're shocked about the deaths of innocent people. We talk about it for a few days. Then it dies off until a mass shooting happens. When a mass shooting happens, the junk food media covers it from location and dramatize every life lost in this. The agitators play the blame game and assume the politics of the terrorist is more important. Instead of wondering how the terrorist obtained the firearm, the agitators worry about the language of lawmakers and cable news agitators. The NRA comes out with statements demanding more guns and less regulation. Gun sales go up when a Democrat speaks on gun violence. When a Republican speaks on it, it's a shrug. Then the story disappear quickly.

Last week we had a Republican lawmaker shot. Donald J. Trump was calling for Americans to "come together" in the wake of a tragedy. The next day he was back on this "blame Obama first" to "crooked Hillary" and "fake news" bit. Trump was annoyed over the fact he is under investigation for possible obstruction of justice.
 A Tennessee father managed to stop two escapees.
Then of course, his call to "come together" was ignored. A right wing troll rushed the stage of a Shakespeare in the Park series of Julius Caesar. According to the troll, she believes the play was responsible for the mass shooting that led to Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) being shot. He is facing a tough road ahead but doctors said he will improve. Matter of fact, the conservatives don't acknowledge Scalise once spoke at a White extremist conference when he was a nobody. Even David Duke, a former Klan leader and agent provocateur said that "one of their own" was under attack.

White extremists are becoming more a threat more than Islamic terrorism.


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S B said...

Thank you for telling like it is. Hypocritical Republicans love to pin the blame on people of Color and Liberals instead of looking within themselves. They've always done this since the 1950s. It's no wonder the GOP is the permanent minority party because they alienated at least 90% of America with it's hateful rhetoric and policies.



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