Sunday, June 25, 2017

What Happened To Genevive Dawes?

A mother was killed by cops. She was pregnant with her third child and had two daughters. Now those two daughters are without a mother and the family wants the officer who shot Genevive Dawes convicted of her murder.

Even a young woman loses her life to a police shooting. A 21-year old Dallas mom was killed after the law was trying to apprehand her boyfriend. The whole encounter got out of hand and the law fired at a car hitting this young woman who was  five months pregnant. The Dallas County prosecutor said the body camera footage doesn't match up to the story of two officers being attacked by a fleeing suspect.

This happened in January. According to Daryl Washington, the attorney representing Genevieve Dawes, the cops used excessive force.

Genevieve Dawes was with her boyfriend Virgilio Rosales in sleeping in a car when the law arrive to issue an no-knock. Officers Chris Hess and Jason Kimpel were the officers who gave commands for the two to exit the vehicle. They claimed that the car backed up and tried to hit them. They fired into the vehicle striking Genevieve and Virigilo. A total of 14 shots. Four of them went into Genevieve killing her. Two into Virgilio, injuring him.

Rosales is the father of two of Genevieve children.
Genevive's boyfriend is the father of two of her children. He was arrested for resisting arrest and unlawful carry in previous encounters.
The officer who shot Genevive Dawes is facing a court date.

Hess was charged with aggravated assault and murder. These charges could put him the iron college for LIFE. He is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

I am hoping that there could be a conviction. But given most of these high profile shootings, I expect a cop walk. The cop will have the backing off the police union, the attorneys representing him and a public already assuming the victim caused her own death.

The cop will try to get the venue changed because the nation is talking about the case. He will get a few supporters from the so-called "Blue Lives Matter" group. He will play the tired excuse, "he feared for his life" and call into question the victim's past history with social media, drugs and the law.

The all white jury will see the encounter and still let the cop walk because either they didn't see any wrong or they couldn't conclude it was wrong in the first place.
Genevive's family wants answers to why the officer fired 14 shots into her.
Police are shooting unarmed people and are getting away with it.

Donald J. Trump, Republicans and Democrats are not getting it. We are seeing the pot boiling and it's going to explode. It's hot and very real. The nation is more radicalized by this leader and the actions of Congress. Conservatives and progressives are more vicious towards one another and it's starting to get dangerous. Adding the police shootings into the mix isn't making it better.

For every bad cop, there will be a dead cop, period. The bad cops put more pressure on the good cops. They embarrass a police department by slipping up. The bad cops mention events of a case on social media and public venues. The bad cops often display political or pro-activism videos, buttons, wristbands, magazines and blogs. They automatically assume the person shot was meant to met their fate based on past history or an unflattering image posted on social media.

Expect more mass shootings.

Expect more cops shooting people of color and getting off using the "fear for their lives" excuse. Expect more white juries believing the side of cops.

The Supreme Court allows cops to "stretch the truth" when it comes to using deadly force, entrapment, unlawful search and seizure and issuing traffic citations.

Expect the junk food media to exploit the victim's history with social media.

Expect the junk food media to exploit the victim's encounters police regardless of it being minor offenses to non violent felonies (i.e. drug abuse or theft).

If "all lives matter," why can't we all be on the same page when a father, mother, brother or sister is killed by the cops for no fucking reason?

When these condescending assholes say there's no Black fathers in the home, I often refer to the cops killing that father making it a reality.

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