Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Feds Serve Some Involved In The Flint Water Crisis!

Flint and Michigan officials are charged with manslaughter.
State and federal officials decided that the Flint water crisis was criminal. And now five people will face a judge in the matter.

Attorney General of Michigan, Bill Schuette charged five officials with involuntary manslaughter.

The criminal charges come from the state and Flint officials negligent actions. They green-lit the usage of the Flint River for the city's water supply. They were aware that the river had pollutants.

An 85-year old man died because of Legionnaires' disease.

The New York Times report that officials include the state's chief of the health department. It was the closest investigators have come to directly blaming officials for the deaths and illnesses that occurred when a water contamination crisis enveloped the city.
Flint's rapid decline started with manufacturing leaving. Now the water crisis sunk the "Vehicle City."
Nick Lyon, the director of Michigan Department of Health and Human Service, Dr. Eden V. Wells, the chief medical executive for the department join 15 to 17 other officials in criminal intent.

These charges could put these individuals in the iron college for 25 to LIFE.

They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

This scandal plagued the 2016 U.S. Election.

Donald J. Trump isn't working on fixing the problem. Matter of fact, Republicans rather see the people suffer because they don't want the environmental safety regulations.

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