Sunday, June 25, 2017

Seattle PD Release Video Of Charleena Lyles Shooting!

Charleena Lyles shooting encounter was released.

A mother with mental health issues was shot at home in front her children by the Seattle Police Department. She called them and this is the price she gets.

I'm quite annoyed with the latest round of police shootings. Most of these officers do this in front of children.

And then they hold classes to teach Black children how to respond to them.

I don't think so!

When will police officers be held accountable?

For every bad cop, there will be a dead cop, period. The bad cops put more pressure on the good cops. They embarrass a police department by slipping up. The bad cops mention events of a case on social media and public venues. The bad cops often display political or pro-activism videos, buttons, wristbands, magazines and blogs. They automatically assume the person shot was meant to meet their fate based on past history or an unflattering image posted on social media.

The video obtained by The Daily Mail shows two officers responding to a burglary call at a location the officers were familiar with.

They were on camera saying that the person was talking crazy things and were told that the woman, Charleena Lyles may have mental issues.

In the video, they are in the apartment hallway. They knock on the door and Charleena answers the door.

It was cordial for a brief moment until in the video your hear an officer say "drop it" before shots were fired.

In the video, you hear children in the background.

The officers involved are in the freezer pending an investigation whether the use of deadly force was justified.

As with all high profile police shootings, I am starting to believe these cops will walk. Even if they are indicted on criminal charges, an all White jury will see the evidence and still justify the shooting or come to a disagreement on whether the charges were strong enough.

And we wait for the next one. And the next one. Then a mass shooting. And then the usual blame game. Then back to normal life until the next event.
Answers. Why did the police use deadly force when they knew she was in the system for mental issues?

I'm pissed. It's getting hot! Really hot.

Donald J. Trump, Republicans and Democrats are not getting it. People are mad. The United States is extremely radicalized by the actions of Trump and his supporters. Conservatives and progressives are more vicious towards one another. The latest round of police shootings aren't making things better.

Expect more mass shootings.

Expect more cops shooting people of color and getting off using the "fear for their lives" excuse. Expect more white juries believing the side of cops.

The Supreme Court allows cops to "stretch the truth" when it comes to using deadly force, entrapment, unlawful search and seizure, issuing traffic citations and use of force.

Expect the junk food media to exploit the victim's history with social media.

Expect the junk food media to exploit the victim's encounters police regardless of it being minor offenses to non violent felonies (i.e. drug abuse or theft).

If "all lives matter," why can't we all be on the same page when a father, mother, brother or sister is killed by the cops for no fucking reason?

When these condescending assholes say there's no Black fathers in the home, I often refer to the cops killing that father making it a reality.

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