Saturday, June 10, 2017

Islamophobic March Against Sharia!

Brigitte Gabriel is a Lebanese American conservative agitator. She is a notorious Islamophobe and far right extemist. She is sponsoring the "March Against Sharia." 
Brigitte Gabriel flaunts more than her beauty.

Gabriel is a far right extremist who is the creator of this upcoming March Against Sharia. This march is supposed to be taking off in many portions of the country. It's considered an anti-Muslim protest.

Gabriel an immigrant herself is calling upon Americans to stand with her against the threat of  ***drum roll,*** "radical Islam." She is also calling for stronger protection at the border and urge Congress to assist Donald J. Trump in building the wall. She also wants to ban refugees from Syria and immigrants who come from Muslim majority nations.

The language is attracting White extremists and it's going to be catnip for potential violence.

Anti-Fascists groups, civil rights and Muslim leaders are counter protesting.

U.S. law enforcement will be stretched because rhetoric from both Gabriel and her allies could inspire the potential for a terrorist attack.

Again, the junk food media is rationalizing this woman and her group Act for America.

This woman is one of the many agitators in the media trying to make Americans fear Muslims and people from the Middle East.

Terrorism isn't solely a Brown, Black or Muslim.

But the junk food media has you figuring it is!


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