Saturday, June 17, 2017

Grenfell Tower Let Black Residents Die!

Demanding answers to how this massive fire happened.
The great fire of London.

This week, a major fire engulfed a high rise in the city. The residents of the North Kensington district are pissed that the city and country couldn't do much to save the lives of the residents living in the Grenfell Tower.

Embattled Prime Minister Theresa May is facing heat for not showing an ounce of sympathy towards the victims of the fire. Many of the residents were people of color and the anger that we're seeing in the United States is felt over in the United Kingdom.

Some of the missing were in the inferno of Grenfell Tower.
Protests are happening in the city and May will now show some sympathy towards the victims.

At least 17 people are confirmed dead with the numbers possibly rising.

The London Fire Brigade is now sending in dogs and retrievers to search the unstable building.

Children are believed to be among those missing.

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