Saturday, June 17, 2017

F**k A Steak! Pay Me The $43 Million!

Don't blame me for the machine malfunction. I won. I want my prize.
Katrina Bookman is angry. She is angry that a Queens, New York casino screwed her. She took a picture of herself standing next to a jackpot with a grand prize of $42,949,672.76.

When she attempted to collect her winnings, the casino employees told her that she hadn't won and they will offer her a complimentary state dinner and $2.25, the prize they claim her slot machine actually should have delivered.

Bookman's lawyer Alan Ripka said that she turned down this chump change and steak dinner. The mother of four filed a lawsuit against the casino in Queens County Supreme Court.

She is seeking the full amount. The casino New York Resorts World Casino is taking flack for allowing a malfunctioning device to be operation. The game "Sphinx Slot Machine" was voided and the casino rightful canceled the earnings.

Bookman is going after Gent New York, LLC, the owner of Resorts World and International Game Technology (IGT). She is suing them for common-law negligence, breach of contract, negligent representation, according to the 17-page complaint.

This is causing her "mental anguish."

But in a legal matter, who stands forth?

The casino will check footage and they will get their records. If Bookman played the minimum amount throughout the whole ordeal, it will prove the casino's point that the machine was malfunctioning.

The machine was a progressive and the maximum payout was $6,500.

Did the video lottery terminal technician (VLT tech) inspect the machine for the errors?

Why did they allowed her to leave the facility?

If I was told that I had to come back tomorrow, I would ask for their names, the gaming number, the supervisor, manager and security footage. I will also demand that if the VLT records.

Bookman is the mother of four who wanted to have a little fun. It wasn't fun to be told she would win $2.25 and a yummy steak dinner after showing the world she won $43 million dollars.

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