Sunday, June 04, 2017

Double Dribble!

Hillary Clinton should just ignore the junk food media and start trolling the hell out of Donald Trump.

Former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton urges her supporters to keep resisting Donald J. Trump and Republicans.

It comes as no surprise, Clinton faced a whole lot of sexism in the 2016 election.

Trump, Sen. Bernie sanders (I-VT), James Comey and Russian meddling all played a major role in defeating Clinton. Some Democrats want her to fade away.

Again, why can't she have an opinion about this fucked up country?

Now as a private citizen, Clinton is trashing Trump and the conservatives were outraged over it. Clinton acknowledged her failure to reach out to the rural White voters. However, she stated that a whole lot of chaos was broght to the table when it came to those goddamn emails. She blames the DNC for allowing the junkfood media

She called it a nothing burger. Clinton knew that when Comey released the memo 11 days before the election, she knew that it was a deliberate attempt to undermine her.

Clinton was flawed. With all the backings, she still couldn't pull off a successful victory. I mean the world is going feel the shit storm Trump's creating.

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