Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cop Walk In Sylville Smith Murder!

Dirty cop walks in the murder of Sylville Smith.

It's getting hot! Really hot! And soon, things will burn!

For every bad cop, a good cop will die. The bad cops will make it more tough for good cops. The good cops will have trouble trying to obtain information from witnesses, Good cops will be the shot by extremists. The mentally insane will obtain firearms and cause havoc upon the police and every American who spurned them.

Sylville Smith was killed by police after a foot chase last year. His death had sparked riots in Milwaukee.

The cop who shot him was acquitted of his murder. Dominique Heaggan-Brown was charged with first-degree homicide after he shot Sylville in August after a foot chase.

Members of Smith's family were crying.
Sylville Smith poses with money. It's not a crime to pose with money. It was a cold blooded murder
Another all White jury of nine women and three men believed that Heaggan-Brown's were considering reckless homicide, but failed to decide if the charges were suitable.

This was a verdict that was extremely disrespectful said the family.

"Why are they trained to kill when they're supposed to protect and serve us?" Patrick Smith said after the verdict. "There is no justice here."

Sherelle Smith said to the public: "Don't give them a reason to take your life. Do something different in the community, try as hard as you can to be peaceful."

Milwaukee County district attorney John Chisholm said he respects the decision.

"We pursued it aggressively and we presented a strong case," he told the junk food media. "This is just an issue that this community had to decide.They made that decision."

The defense said it was a good day for law enforcement.

"Obviously, everyone recognizes there was a loss of life, and I don't think any officer would want to be put in that situation and to have to make those decision that he did, but those decision were made, and I think the jury properly evaluated them," said Jonathan Smith, the defense attorney for the dirty cop.

The cop was Black and the victim was Black.

Heaggan-Brown was soon fired out the cannon after the trial. He will have an opportunity to appeal the decision with his lawyer and police union reps.

Milwaukee is one of the most segregated cities in the United States. The city of 605,000 people is part of the rust belt. The manufacturing jobs are leaving, the city has law enforcement agency that is under federal watch. The city and county has a dick with a badge who gained celebrity for being "headstrong" to issues outside of his area.

Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke, Jr. and Gov. Scott Walker wanted the National Guard to handle business in Milwaukee.

Once again, another cop gets off with murder. I am tired of hearing this stuff. What will it take for the nation to realize that Black America is frustrated with this.

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