Tuesday, June 27, 2017

CNN Fires Three Out The Cannon For Fake News Scandal!

Yeah CNN went there with it. Now they pay the price for it.

It's just not Fox News.....It's CNN too!

CNN president Jeff Zucker had to formally step into the controversy surrounding Donald J. Trump and his ties to Russia. The controversy took an interesting turn when CNN released a story about a transition official Anthony Scaramucci and Russian officials.

It said that Scaramucci had gotten a $10-billion Russian investment fund four days before Trump stepped into office. The story claimed that he went to Vnesheconombank, a state ran firm under U.S. sanctions.

The story was posted on its website.

The people involved were Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau and Lex Harris.

Donald J. Trump, Jr. said this was "the biggest fake news scandal in the network's history."

The White House got testy with the story and decided that press briefings should not be public from this point. So as of today, the press briefings are brief and short.

Mind you that CNN is far from the direction Fox News is going.

Fox News is on the verge of an implosion. The Murdoch's are cleaning house and a handful of agitators are quickly being shuffled out the network.

Bill O'Reilly is gone and the ratings are tanking. The only original voices left on the primetime is Sean "Softball" Hannity.

The official softball of the Donald J. Trump Organization is on this kick about "fake news" and the "deep state." Real kookspiracy shit going on with the softball.

The softball was ridiculed for exploiting the death of Seth Rich. The softball is being called the mainstream version of Alex Jones.

The softball is by far the most annoying conservative agitator in the junk food media.

CNN admits the mistake. They disciplined those involved and apologized. They move on.

It seems like Fox News and its only original primetime host are still stuck on this.

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