Friday, May 05, 2017

Would You Want This Done To Your Child?

Would you want this done to your child? A Penna police officer under fire for abusing children at a suburban Pittsburgh school.

There's a controversy coming out of the Pittsburgh area. A student resource officer in Woodland Hills is under fire. He along with the principal of the Woodland Hills High School are facing a federal lawsuit in regards to their brutal takedown of young students.

An attorney representing two students claimed that administrators were abusing them.

Todd Hollis, who represented an unidentified student earlier this year after the student recorded Principle Kevin Murray threatening to "knock his...teeth" down his throat, said his office was contacted by federal investigators last week who are looking into allegations of abuse at the high school.

A surveillance video released on Tuesday shows student resource officer Steve Shaulis grab Que'Chawn Wade by the neck. Then Shalis would throw Wade on the ground. When Wade tried to get up, he got his tooth knocked out.
Cop brutally knocked a teen's teeth out.
He would go to emergency treatment and after he was released he was suspended and charged with resisting arrest. This is the video of the incident.

The second video shown in the post shows Shaulis get thrown to the ground. In the video, Murray is on the student's back while Shaulis uses the Taser to restrain him.

Shaulis who is a part of Churchill Police is lawyering up and asking for help from the police union.

He is being investigated by the FBI and Allegheny County prosecutor. These allegations of excessive force has really touched a nerve with parents. He was banned from the school properties until the investigation is concluded.

I've say it time after time.

For every bad cop, there will be a dead cop.

Given that most police often get away with "justifiable" murder of people of color, the irrational may retaliate against those who actually serve the uniform honorably.

The good cops will follow procedure and uphold themselves to the same standards as those they protect and serve.

The good cops will always suffer at the hands of bad cops. Cops who lack rational training are dangerous to themselves and those around them. Those trigger happy cops will shoot first and question never. They'll lie on their reports saying that the person they shot threatened them with a potential weapon.

There are some with racial angst. Those will automatically blame activism or political leaders for their inept actions. Also political and economic bias make it harder for innocent civilians to travel freely in areas without being harassed by cops.

Cops would make their jobs even more harder when the public refuses to tell them what happened when a crime occurred.

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