Sunday, May 14, 2017

What Happened To Jayson Negron?

Jayson Negron was another unarmed person of color killed by the law.


I am getting fed up with this! I am getting tired of hearing about these incidents where police officers use deadly force on people of color. I am fed up with trolls trying to justify murder on the grounds of petty criminal acts. When a person of color is shot and killed by the police, usually the victim is unarmed.

The city of Bridgeport, Connecticut is bracing for potential violent protests. The fatal shooting of an unarmed teen by a White cop has sparked outrage in the community.

Jayson Negron was killed by a Bridgeport officer named James Boulay this past week. Police claim that Jayson and his friend were joy riding in a stolen car. They claimed that the car hit an officer.

A family member posted a video of Jayson being cuffed on the ground. The video shows that the officer shot him in the head and left him for dead.

The family member named Giovanni Rivera is disputing the police account of the tragic shooting.

The video footage provided by The Daily Mail is graphic. It shows Jayson's head pointing in a different direction. The bag 'em ups said that Jayson was shot in the chest.
A person films the lifeless body of 15 year old Jayson Negron. The Bridgeport Police rookie killed him.
Regardless of what happened, some questions remained. How the hell could an officer put a bullet in a handcuffed suspect?

Where the officers wearing body cameras when this happened?

Will the police and state prosecutor release the video footage of the chase and officer firing upon the suspect?

Why didn't they notify emergency aid to treat the victim?

And why the hell didn't they cover the body?

It was told that Jayson's lifeless body was exposed and not removed for hours.

A shaky camera phone video shows Jayson on the ground with his hands cuffed not moving.

People were shouting, "They shot him. They shot that man."

Bridgeport Police Chief Armando Perez is disputing the claims that his officers murdered an innocent man. He wants to clear up why the police failed to cover a dead body. He claims that the officers would have messed up evidence being gathered.

There were no guns, drugs or illegal substance inside the vehicle. The passenger Julian Fyffe was injured. He is speaking through his lawyer. He is disputing the claim he and Jayson were in a stolen ride.

The family attorney for Fyffe spoke out against the claims that police justified the shooting.

James Boulay is 30 years old. He is in the freezer pending an investigation. He will likely contact the police union and his lawyers. The police union will automatically disspell the belief that Boulay may have used excessive force. They will try to look into the previous history of Jayson and not Boulay.

The police unions will appear on local and national junk food media shows to get the officer's side of the story. If the video footage and possible body camera footage show a different side of what happened, the cop could be fired and indicted on murder or manslaughter charges.

Conservatives and that so-called "All Lives Matter" crowd justify the deaths of unarmed suspects on the grounds of a criminal history. Regardless of the criminal history, if the suspect isn't armed, why the hell are the police shooting them?

For every bad cop, there will be a dead cop! The good cops will be the ones who are killed. They do their jobs responsibly without bias or judgment of character. Good cops often serve their communities for the good of all citizens. They do not hide behind the "blue wall of silence."

No one is saying being a police officer is a stressful job. But with those with lack of training make it difficult to get information from witnesses.

With Jefferson Beauregard Sessions in the top cop position, you're likely going to see a cop get away with murder. Even with video camera evidence, cops are often acquitted of murder.

For the blood that is spilled, I expect a retaliation attack from the mentally insane. Think about it!

We just got past Jordan Edwards being gunned down by former Belch Springs, Texas cop Roy Oliver after leaving a party. Then a few weeks later, Kirkersville police chief Eric DiSario was murdered by this terrorist named Thomas Hartless. Mind you these events made national news coverage.

No telling how many other acts of violence occurred in the United States that didn't make the national headlines.


The bad cops always sees criminal through the lens of what they've seen on television. Obviously, I don't want to sound political, but White extremists are infiltrating police departments. These types hide their bigotry behind the badge.

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