Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Villi Fualaau Ain't Got A Crush On Mary Kay Letourneau!

Mary Kay Laterneau (center) and Villi Fualauu are seperating. The infamous teacher and her former student publicly acknowledged their love after a tryst 20 years ago when Villi was 12 years old. The junk food media began the rationalization of pedophilia in the classroom.

The former teacher who opened the door to pedophilia in the classroom is separating from her husband, the former student she had an affair with. The former student and former teacher have two children together.

Mind you that former teacher has four other children from her husband a former airline worker and local Republican strategist.

Mary Kay Letourneau-Fualaau and Villi Fualaau are breaking up. After nearly 12 years of marriage and nearly 20 years of junk food media sensationalism.

The former student, turned part-time rapper/deejay and laborer is now in 33 years old married his former teacher after she served a nickel and two pennies in the iron college. Letourneau-Fualauu age 55 is a TIER II for the rest of her life. They both have two daughters aged 18 and 19. The former teacher has grown children from her previous marriage.

The two were on ABC's 20/20 talking about the infamy of their relationship.

The pair said that this separation is strictly for business purposes. He told RadarOnline.com that "everything is fine."

The two became a lightning rod for controversial stories about teacher-student trysts.

Every month, I've heard an attractive female teacher getting caught having an affair with their student. I also heard an unattractive male teacher traveling across state lines with his former student.

What pisses me off the most about this situation, is mostly for the fact that it's part of this media rationalization of "White victim-hood."

Letourneau does admit guilt to her love for Fualaau. According to her, Villi just listened to her and she admired him for his creativity. The two were in love. They gotten married in 2005 shortly after she got out of the iron college.

There were accusations that the two were cheating on one another but they were pretty open about the relationship. They have love for their daughters and Villi does have some respect for the ex-husband and the step-children.

The junk food media is following this. Unfortunately we are as well.

Any comments on this?

If the situation wasn't about Mary Kay Letourneau, how would you treat these teacher-student sex scandals?

The same. I find this stuff disgusting because the media is rationalizing pedophilia.  If this was your child, how would you feel about a teacher having sex with your child?
No big deal. Their lives are public. We should not judge them. They admit that if it wasn't for laws, it would have been sooner to be married. They deserve privacy as they move past their marriage.
I never heard of them.
It doesn't bother me. We all had crushes on educators at one time.
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