Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Trump Pours More Into Afghanistan!

Decisions, decisions.
I am amazed that people continue to support a leader who continues to break promises everyday!

When Donald J. Trump said that "We Don't Win," I believe him. I believe we don't win when people sit on the sidelines. I believe that when you don't vote, you forfeit opportunities to elect leaders who help communities grow. I believe that if you're engaging in combat, you're expected to either kill or be killed. There's no winning in war. In war, there's only a whole lot of dead bodies.

Trump may announce that 3,000 or more troops will be engaged in combat in Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan has been on going since 2001. Since former president George W. Bush declared a "war on terrorism," this war continues to be a burden on our military.

In the endless fight to topple the Taliban, Trump has to consider what he may do to stop them.

Dropping bombs and airstrikes are considered controversial. Human rights groups are concern that a misfires killed thousands of innocent beings. The junk food media ignores the causalities of a missile strike.

There's 13,000 NATO troops along with 8,400 bring American.

Then president Barack Obama ended operations against the Taliban in 2014. Special ground troops continue to provide training and aid to Afghani troops. Obama gave up on the war because he believe that putting 100,000 troops in harms way isn't necessary.
They got time.
Of course, the "pseudo-patriotic" conservatives will praise Trump's decision to engage in conflict with the Taliban. The Taliban is far-right political group associated to terrorism.

Yeah, the Taliban is considered a foreign designated terrorist group. But the Taliban has been fighting on their own land (and parts of rugged Pakistan). Afghans have the military means to defeat them.

Hell, we've provided both sides all the firepower.

The Taliban was disposed in 2003. The group who claimed solidarity towards al Qaeda. The Islamic State and other groups associated in Afghanistan believe that America's relentless need to be "heroic" is bankrupting the United States. They are extremely patient and willing to see America collapse on its own weight.

Trump will make his first foreign engagement in the coming weeks. He will head to Brussels to address NATO and meet with European Union leaders.

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