Thursday, May 25, 2017

Theresa May Is Reconsidering Her Yummy Trump Steaks!

Trump and Theresa May will have a shouting match. The U.S. leaked classified information  about the Brits.

The Brits are very angry about American intelligence leaking information about the Manchester attack. The attacker is a 22-year old man who was inspired by the Islamic State. He went to the Manchester Arena during Ariana Grande concert. He would carry a backpack loaded with nails and bolts and detonate himself in front of children and their parents.

The incident killed 24 people including the bomber, Salman Abedi.

Abedi, a British born man who has no prior criminal history was on the radar. His brother and father are being charged with aid and comfort. They are innocent until proven guilty in a royal court of law.

Hashem and father Ramadan knew about the Abedi's attack. They chose to not tell enforcement and now they'll be faced with murder complicity.

Prime Minister Theresa May will meet with Donald J. Trump in Belgium. They will appear at the NATO summit this afternoon.

She will address Trump personally about how the American junk food media leaked the information and the graphic pictures online.

The UK is possibly ending their shared information alliance.

Also Trump is facing fire for leaking information to foreign officials.

Republicans were complaining about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama leaking information to the press. Well it turns out that Republicans are the "loose lips" that sink ships.

Trump is embarrassing our nation. Globally, he's inept and here at home, Russia is hoping that Trump destroys the United States.

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