Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Scott Pelley And Kathy Griffin Saw Cannon Fire!

Scott Pelley loses hosting duties.

Well this is interesting. CBS Evening News is now looking for an anchor. Scott Pelley, the host of the CBS news program was booted from the set. They cleared his office and locked the door on him.

Pelley who took over for Katie Couric in 2011, when Couric flopped. CBS had modest ratings during his tenure at the anchor desk.

CBS Evening News was one of the fastest growing news programs ever. With the abrupt departures of Brian Williams and Diana Sawyer, Pelley was considered the elder at one point.

Lester Holt, David Muir have hosting duties at NBC Nightly News and ABC News Tonight, respectively.

Ratings matter.

Also what got him off the anchor duties was journalism. He actually remarked on Donald J. Trump.

Pelley called it like he seen it. And I guess Trump's buddies weren't happy about it. Les Moonves (who is married to Julie Chen) was thinking about the money and not the integrity of journalism.

Pelley will continue to be a fixture on CBS. He will continue to be a contributor to 60 Minutes.
Kathy Griffin may lose sponsorship. CNN fired her out the cannon for New Year's Eve coverage.
Trump broke his promise. He said he wanted to end "political correctness."

He was upset that his 11 year old son Barron was shocked to see comedian Kathy Griffin holding a dummy head looking like Trump bleeding. The accusations of the boy screaming and crying were reported by the junk food media. It earned nationwide criticism.

Griffin on her part apologized.

Griffin's apology didn't stop CNN from firing her out the cannon. She will no longer co-host CNN's New Year's Eve with Anderson Cooper.

In the age of Donald J. Trump, political correctness is considered a privilege for conservatives only.

They didn't find it offensive when Republicans were openly sending racist caricatures, emails and effigies about Barack Obama. They didn't give two cents about Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama.

They undermined Obama with "you lie", "he's a Muslim," "he's a Commie," "he's a racist," and "he's a Socialist." All code words for being labeled a NIGGER. Mind you Republicans tip-toed around the N-word by saying "tar baby," "half-rican," and "sub-human."

Hell we will be waiting on conservatives to apologize to Obama for their rhetoric.

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