Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Republicans Still Sputtering On "Repeal And Replace" ACA!

The Republicans in the House will pass a bill they haven't read.

Remember Republicans complained about the Democrats passing bills without looking at them.

The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) has once again become a focus of Republicans yet again.

These buffoons are saying that they may have a deal on getting a bill passed through the House of Representatives. The Republicans have secured slightly enough support from their own to get the bill through the House.

Republicans are very concerned that for all the grandstanding, they really don't have a plan on deck.

The Republicans have thrown a "pot luck" of proposals in this new version of the American Health Care Act. They refused to get input from the people and companies that provide medical insurance and health insurance. They ignored the vocal opposition from constituents who say that "repeal and replace" could destroy their healthcare.

Even Jimmy Kimmel pled to the Congress to fix the law and not destroy it.

The nearly 8 years of obstruction has been a great rally call for Republicans and Donald J. Trump.

Now that Republicans have control of Washington politics, they have the opportunity to get things done. Unfortunately, the party is hit by "friendly fire." The Republicans are collapsing on the weight of their own stupidity and utter stubbornness.

The law signed by then Barack Obama was a historical achievement. Ever since its passing, it faced calls of "repeal and replace" from Republicans. They symbolically repealed the law over 70 times.

It had a rough roll out because Republicans refuse to fund the law.

The Republicans have sued the president, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Commerce and use the power of conservative media to mislead the public into believing the law will have "death panels."

They had taken it to the Supreme Court. And twice it was ruled in favor of the president.

They used this as a rally call to get Trump elected. Now as the current leader of this pathetic country, Trump is forcing Republicans to get a bill passed.

The Republicans have tried the first time to get the bill repealed. The junk food media did their jobs by reading what type of proposals would come forth in the American Health Care Act (aka. Obamacare-Lite, Trumpcare, Ryancare or Republicans Do Not Care).

Most of their proposals aren't capable providing affordable healthcare to those with pre-existing conditions. The Republicans also couldn't figure out how the bill was going to be funded.

The Republicans also had a problem wrangling up members willing to support it. It was pulled at the last minute when the "Do-Nothing" Freedom Caucus said they oppose the bill.

Trump got very heated and blamed the Democrats and members of the "Do-Nothing" Freedom Caucus for failing his campaign promise.

Now if the Republicans pass this bill, they could face a public backlash. They didn't read the bill nor collaborated with the Democrats.

It's like they have both fingers jabbed up in their ears and another finger up their asses.

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