Thursday, May 11, 2017

Removing A Waste Of History!

Donald J. Trump is a controversial leader. He isn't a normal president. But like his predecessors, he will have public roads, buildings and a "presidential" library named after him. Eventually, Americans will travel down a portion of highway dedicated to the controversial leader.

Louisiana is preparing for protests. The removal of relics from South has gotten conservatives outraged.

On Fox & Friends, they said that the removal of a Confederate statue is "Erasing History."

No removing an ugly stain on the country to a museum is current events.

White extremists are still trying preserve a history that's regarded as a scar on this great country.

In the great city of New Orleans, they had removed the statue of Jefferson Davis, the first and only president of the Confederate States of America. Davis was a pro-segregationist and defender of slavery. He lead the southern states to battle the northern states in the great Civil War.

The removal of the Davis statue is a victory to Blacks, Native Americans and women.

It was a pretty bitter fight. Some White extremists were threatening terrorist attacks on the police, the mayor and companies involved in the removal.

For you see many states are removing old Confederate monuments and namesakes from public squares.

Virginia still has a portion of U.S. Highway 1 devoted to Davis. It's time to have it removed.

There are schools, public buildings, and public roads named after the Confederacy. It's about time to place these relics of history in a museum. It's time to literally erase the hate.

You know conservatives keep saying that liberals need to get over the election. Well conservatives, it's about time to get over the preservation of ancient history. It's time to move past the Confederacy, Ronald Reagan, and being in the majority.

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