Sunday, May 07, 2017

Party Goer Tosses An Old Lady Into A Pool!

Pretty damn ignorant. Party goer tosses an elderly woman into a pool.
The Daily Mail reported on a video circulating the internet showing a man body slamming a elderly woman to the ground before he tosses her into the pool.

The woman walked in on a South Florida pool party to complain about the noise.

People were cheering the guy on.

And while this is recorded, no one came to the aid of the woman.

The person who filmed it ran off laughing.

Well you know I am goimg to be bluntly honest about what happened. This event will certainly rile up white extremists and conservative agitators.

The person who tossed the elderly woman into the pool was Black. The woman was White. The party was full of Black teens and young adults.

Assured that white extremists blogs, The Drudge Report, The Daily Caller, the Last Refuge, InfoWars, Breitbart, and Gateway Pundit will be on it. The others I refuse to name are already inserting the n-word and racially inflammatory word vomit in comment sections.

They will automatically assume this incident was racially motivated without even noting that it was a stupid dare.

Fox News will no doubt report on it.

Once the law sees the video, they will find out the person responsible and charge him with assault and battery.

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