Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ohio Mom Massacres Her Own!

Mother shoots her own children.

Gun Violence Is The Number One Threat In The United States. 

In Dayton, Ohio, the community is dealing with a tragic shooting. This shooting was inflicted by a woman who maybe had mental issues. This woman would march her own children out to the front yard and shoot them at point blank range in the head. Now the law is going to file murder charges against this woman for their tragic deaths.

Claudena Helton is being held on capital murder, attempted murder and reckless endangerment. The Dayton Police chief Richard Biehl is clearly upset over this. He couldn't fathom a mother doing the unthinkable to their children.

The options are LIFE in the iron college or the DEATH card.
Terrorist murders her own children.
Helton is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The 8-year old girl and 6-year old boy are dead. The 11 year old girl is in protective custody.

K'morra and Kenden Holton were innocent children. They didn't deserve to die.

The mother had previous encounters with children's services. The little girl, then five had bruises on her arm and telling other children her bruises hurt. The teachers at the Miami Valley Child Development Center called the law when they noticed the bruises on the poor girl.

The woman was caused a ruckus at the school. She tried to attack a teacher after they called children services.

Was this woman a ticking time bomb?

These innocent children's lives are forever altered by this nut with a firearm.

I am done sending my prayers and condolences. I am demanding that our lawmakers in Washington do something about gun violence. Get these damn guns out the hands of these crazy ass people.

I am all for the Second Amendment. But enough is enough. How many more people have to die to gun violence? I mean the United States outnumbers most modern nations when it comes to gun violence. 

I value life of all living beings. I don't use my firearm to murder children or someone who spurned me. I use it for the defense of property and family.

Republicans, the NRA and the inept leader Donald J. Trump value lives when it comes to their selfish power grabs and utter hypocrisy.

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