Thursday, May 04, 2017

No Government Shutdown (For Now)!

Trump will sign off a law that funds the government for the remaining year.
Conservatives are not happy about the deal crafted by the House and Senate leaders. The deal will not carry the promises Donald J. Trump called for during his campaign.

The House voted on a bipartisan deal to fund the government through September and it stops the government shutdown. But according to conservatives, it's a giveaway to liberals and Democrats.

House members voted 309-118 to get this law passed. It will put $1.8 trillion into funding government agencies and the rest of fiscal 2017.

Most of the "do-nothing" members voted against it. Mind you that over 100 Republicans and 18 Democrats refuse to fund the government.

The Senate will pass their resolution bill in the coming days. They will have the package ready for Trump to sign off.

The proposals to fund the border wall, defund Planned Parenthood, place more money into the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, rollback fundings for "sanctuary cities" and cuts to non-essential agencies were stripped out the House bill.

Defense spending got $15 billion in funding.

There will be $2 billion in medical research for the National Institutes of Health. There will be funding to police agencies to combat opioid addiction. There will be funds to safety net and job training initiatives. Health insurance for public sector workers and union mine workers got a strong boast as well.

There's also help to Puerto Rico. The bill will include nearly $300 million to plug an emergency budget shortfall. The autonomous territory is likely to file for U.S. bankruptcy. The territory is American sponsored self-governance. The territory is considering statehood or formal independence.

The Secret Service has enough money now to protect that huge burden. The states of Florida, New York, Virginia and New Jersey will be reimbursed by the federal government for allocating time to cover the leader's travels to his golf courses and private homes.

Trump was so angered by the lack of funding to build the complex border wall, he said the next time the government should shutdown. His campaign promise was to fund the border wall and have Mexico pay for it. The Mexican government said "HELL NO" and said it will not solve immigration. The Mexican government said it could spark a trade war.

The Democrats remind Trump and Republicans that he wanted a foreign government and trading partner to pay for it. They said if American taxpayers pay for the Great Border War, they would oppose it. They oppose it anyway because it would be nearly difficult to build a wall near water and property that extends into both countries. Some of the border is extremely complex and they would have to pay billions of dollars to move Americans and Mexicans away from the construction.

Besides, smugglers have a bigger ladder, a bigger tunnel and a whole lot of flying drones over the wall.

Trump would break his promise.

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