Monday, May 22, 2017

Never Ends! Ariana Grande Concert Ends With A Terrorist Attack!

Attack in Manchester. Ariana Grande was performing in England when a terrorist attack happened.

The Islamic State claims responsibility. A few of the victims met the entertainer before the attack. It was a suicide bomber.

In Manchester, England, there was a massive bombing. This happened at a concert venue with headline performer American singer/actress Ariana Grande.

We can't tell how many fatalities or how many were Americans. The consulates are on standby.

Police were responding to reports of an explosion and that there were a number of confirmed casualties and others injured.

Manchester Arena, one of the largest venues in Europe was capable of holding over 21,000 people.

Grande who just left the performance is "shaken" but is okay. She didn't expect a peaceful concert to end with bloodshed.

Prime Minister Theresa May was informed about incident. The United States was also alerted. Donald J. Trump will likely address it in either Jerusalem or Brussels.

The city raised the threat to severe and it is demanding that residents stay away.

Facebook activates the "I AM SAFE" function to alert family members to those who may have survived this attack.

No claims of responsibility but rest assured if its the Islamic State, expect more tongue from Trump, Mike Pence, Republicans and conservative agitators.

Mind you that it's not foreign born terrorism. It's inspired by those who felt that there's no out. The bullied, the discriminated, the hurt, the rejected and most times, it's the nice guy.

The nice guy is more dangerous than the rebellious. They are often inspired to commit acts of terrorism when the world is shutting them out.

I am not offering prayers or condolences. I am done with that.

We as Americans should offer a hand to our cousins across the pond.

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