Monday, May 15, 2017

Loose Lips!

Trump may have disclosed classified information to Russian officials.

The Washington Post releases a bombshell story about the inept leader of this once great country sharing classified information with the Russians.

Donald J. Trump reportedly revealed classified stuff to the Russian ambassador Sergei Lavrov.

This certainly will raise tension between Trump and the junk food media's on going coverage of Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

Trump revealed information to Russians that could "jeopardize a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State," The Post wrote.

H.R. McMaster furiously shot down the claims but somewhat acknowledged the leader may have fucked up. Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers quickly voiced concern that Trump's apparent disclosure of intelligence could be a huge embarrassment on the spy agencies.

Trump allowed a Russian state news agency TASS cover the meeting which also gotten massive flack.

Trump banned the U.S. junk food media from the Oval Office meeting.

Trump meeting with Lavrov and Foreign Minister Sergei Kislyak was a mistake. Current and former intelligence officials said that the information that Trump inadvertently leaked was so sensitive that even the slightest mention interfered with their sensitive gathering. The details were classified to only a select few within the government and not shared even with the closest allies.

The Post cites that classified information was passed to the U.S. from a partner that wasn't identified.

Trump's disclosure of the information is a potential blow to the intelligence-sharing arrangement, and the White House officials are trying to cap this before it gets worse.

Republicans are now being taken to the woodshed over their obsession with Hillary Clinton's emails.

For the wasted money spent on hearings and the email leaks from Wikileaks, it's all but clear, Donald J. Trump and his allies have made a deal with Russian officials to help him win this election.

Trump and his conservative allies spent two years bemoaning about Benghazi and the emails. Guess what, what do you believe the Democrats and progressives are planning on doing?

They will dog Trump because of this.

Trump fucked up. BIGLY!

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