Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kathy Griffin Needs To Hang It Up!

Looks like Sean "Softball" Hannity got the pressure off of him for awhile.

The most annoying conservative agitator in the history of news and entertainment is facing an ad boycott over his relentless attacks on the family of Seth Rich. The conservative agitators are now worked up over comedians and news agitators going after the inept leader in some the harshest fashion.

Remember these conservatives were attacking then President Barack Obama over his race, religion and his role as the leader. They attack Michelle Obama, their children Malia and Sasha, and said racially insensitive comments about them.

A washed up comedian had a picture of herself holding a fake decapitated head of the country's inept leader. A leader who never apologized for saying and doing far worse than what this comedian did.

Thank you for giving the Republicans and conservatives something to bitch about. Thank you for giving Donald J. Trump an ounce of Americans sympathy.

Kathy Griffin might loose her spot with Anderson Cooper on 12/31/17. She often co-host CNN's New Year with Cooper.

Griffin, a no holds barred comedian did something so stupid, the Secret Service might visit her home in the coming days.

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