Monday, May 29, 2017

Early Thread: Gregg Allman!

Gregg Allman passed away.

An icon of Southern rock and blues has passed away over the weekend. Gregg Allman of the famed group The Allman Brothers passed away.

He passed away at age of 69 in Georgia after complications of liver cancer.

Tributes are pouring from the nation. Entertainers pay their respects to a great musician.

Allman's brother Duane was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1971. He lived the "rock star" life when he was doing the music. He was addicted to arm candy (heroin). He had a big fallout with the band after he NARC'd on his band road manager. Scooter Herring got a three quarter bid in the iron college and it broke up the group. The group were mad that Gregg ratted his boy out.

Nonetheless, Gregg kept the music going and released 8 albums with the group.

He leaves behind a fiance and five children.

Cher was one of Gregg's love interest. He bore a son named Elijah Blue Allman, the frontman of rock group Deadsy.

He has Devon Allman who is the frontman of Honeytribe.

He also has Michael Sean, Delilah  Island and Layla Brooklyn Allman from three other women.

We want to paid tribute to Gregg by doing a video.

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