Friday, May 26, 2017

Dems The Blues!

Democrats are taking Ls.
Democrats have 0.

I mean zero in wins despite how deeply unpopular Donald J. Trump and Republicans are. They lost in Kansas, South Carolina, Montana and they'll probably lose the special election runoff Georgia.

They lost in Omaha's mayoral election.

Democrats are feeling the blues. Their base of voters don't vote. They don't care or do care but won't vote. I heard the voices of people who say that voting isn't important. They say that voting won't change anything.

They are all the same.

Despite the marches, the rowdy town halls and the scandals surrounding Trump, the Democrats ain't got a plan or a strategy. Many of the voters rather have an inept Trump than a politician.

Conservatives are truly a winning coalition. They are so anti-everything. They are inspiring voters to turnout to support Republicans. Democrats have no message. The demonization  of Trump and a relentless media asking for answers has galvanized conservatives to the polls. At this rate, I expect Republicans to hold control of Congress in 2018. I expect Trump to win reelection despite the controversy.

Man, you guys on the left ruined Hillary Clinton. I mean all that "Feel the Bern" and "We're All In" nonsense isn't working either!
Greg Gianforte is Representative-elect.
I supported Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) primary. I supported Hillary Clinton's presidency. I know that Clinton didn't reach out hard enough to the forgotten. The rural and underclass White voter who vote Democrat in state elections turned out for Trump.

Democrats were extremely slow in mounting up necessary people to get momentum for a folk singer turned politician.

Rob Quist's failed attempt to take a seat in relatively Republican Montana was a disaster.

Despite an ethically challenged opponent in Greg Gianforte, the Republicans managed to take the seat by nearly 8 points. I mean that's a sign of Republicans losing momentum, but Democrats don't get victories.

Gianforte is still facing a battery charge and will appear in court soon. The Representative-elect is already a prime target for Center for Responsibility and Ethics (known as C.R.E.W).

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