Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cop Walk In Terrence Crutcher Case!

Cop walk. Tulsa cop Betty Shelby was acquitted of shooting Terrence Crutcher. 

For every bad cop, there will be a dead cop. For every bad cop, a person of color is murdered. And for every bad cop, I assure you that people of color will refuse to cooperate with the good cops. There could be potential unrest. The good cops could be targets of a terroristic attack. This is beginning to look like a flashpoint.

The cop who shot Terrence Crutcher walks. This bad cop was charged with involuntary manslaughter. If found guilty, she could have faced LIFE in prison.

Her interview with the junk food media, her "shoot or be shot" remark spared her a lifetime of bars.

This bad cop may face a civil lawsuit. This bad cop could be fired out the cannon. This bad cop could file a motion of concern against the prosecutor. This bad cop could go to outlets like Fox News to say that "she feared for her life." The city could also shelve out millions to compensate the family.

And none of this will bring back the victim.

For the next three weeks the city of Tulsa Police will now have to watch their backs. The potential for a violent retaliation is possible. They might have to pair officers together when doing potential traffic stops. Oklahoma is an open carry state.

Betty Shelby, the Tulsa Police officer who fired upon Terrence Crutcher was found not guilty in the shooting. Even though Crutcher had his hands up, and was nowhere close to her, she was the only cop to fire her service weapon on him. He was unarmed and the jury played on the "guy was high" defense.

He had PCP in his system. He never put his hands on her or the other cops.

Yet, the jury believed the shooting was justified.

Of the 12 jurors that made the call, 75% of the jury was white. Three were of color.
No justice.
The Justice Department might take up the case. Given that the current Attorney General just made it easier for cops to get away with murder, its unlikely they'll file civil rights charges against Shelby.

Here's what pisses me off!

Those stupid ass trolls are trying to justify this shooting. They believe refusal of a police order is justifiable for killing. They concern troll on the lack of black fathers. They say Black on whatever crime is a bigger problem. They word vomit Barack Obama and Al Sharpton. They accuse the victim of being guilty of his own death. The moment they see Black people using their Second Amendment rights to open carry in public, they call the police.

Newsflash: The police kill Black fathers. So I don't hear that bullshit about fatherless homes from you worthless assholes.

Racial tension in the United States as well as gun violence will be the beginning of the end of this once great country.

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S B said...

It's a sad day for America and the Crutcher family. It's a traversity of justice.



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