Sunday, May 28, 2017

Dirty Cop Drops Out Of Offender U!

Dirty cop loses his badge. He had a sexual relationship with a teen at a Houston school. He won't enroll in the Offender U.

I'm getting freaking tired of teachers and school officials having sex with students. I am tried of the junk food media glorifying female teachers like their sex symbols. I am tired of the junk food media making teacher-student sexual encounters a mainstream fixture.

The junk food media is rationalizing pedophilia and sexual assault.

Students often have "crushes" on their teachers. But when the teacher or school officials caves into their desires to "have one fling or two," we're justifying it. When she show the mugs of attractive women, the junk food media is rationalizing these sexual predators.

A former cop for the Houston Independent School District is spared a enrollment in Offender U.

He engaged in a sexual encounter with a 14 year old girl. The girl gave him head while he took her to detention. Some of these encounters happened inside a girl's restroom stall where cameras can't see them.

Jacob Ryan Delgadillo was busted after the family notified the law about the relationship. The former cop was dealing with students at Cullen Middle School.

School officials noticed the strange things going on. Like Delgadillo blowing kisses at a girl when he walked by the classroom.

He plead guilty to unlawful conduct while on school grounds. That's a slap on wrist from the 20 year state mandated indecency with a child charge. The charges would have him labeled a TIER II for 45 years.

Unfortunate that he's a cop and this was his "first time." He looses his badge, his nifty perks as a lawman, his pension and returns to the world a private citizen. He won't wear the label of sexual predator though.

If he had been a regular person and had an improper relationship with a 14 year old child, he could had spent his LIFE in the iron college.

Nonetheless, for every bad cop, there's going to be a dead cop. The good cops pay the price for bad cops. Bad cops abuse their powers because they wear a badge and have a nifty car with sirens.

They're human beings too. They have to uphold the law as well. No one is above the law.

Bad cops make it harder for good cops to obtain witnesses and suspects.

Dirty Cop Berates Miss Black Texas!

Carmen Ponder was razzed by the Commerce, Texas police chief.

In the city of Commerce, Texas, a police chief is facing a potential cannon firing. He used his power of authority to razz a motorist who happened to be Miss Black Texas. The two clashed over a simple pass on a local road.

The police chief was teaching his 14-year old daughter to drive and Miss Black Texas was driving to Walmart to grab some things. The two would meet in a not so friendly way. The chief would radio backup and have her arrested.

Carmen Ponder is another example of DWB (Driving While Black). The 23 year old woman said that Kerry Crews should lose his badge for this.

This incident happened 8 days ago and it's became a story.

This police chief had the nerve to call her a "BLACK BITCH."

The road rage incident has got so much attention, the police chief refused to take questions and called up his police union to find out if he can weather the storm.

Ponder spoke to the New York Daily News and local junk food media outlets in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Her attorney Montana Bunn said that "[Miss Ponder] feels humiliated and embarrassed because she's Miss Black Texas 2016. To be dragged through the mud for a legal issue and being arrested, it's hindering her emotionally, her title and career path."

Her other attorney Jasmine Crockett said that the police will try to downplay it and make it seem like Ponder was the one who started the incident.

"We won't have bodycam footage. We won't have dashcam footage. We won't have anything execpt their word against hers," Crockett said.

In a social media posting, she this in detail.

"Please read the whole thing. I was a victim of road rage in Commerce, Texas. A black truck slowly cut in front of me and kept braking. I thought it was a drunk driver so I drove around them and turned into Walmart, my original destination. When I parked, the same black truck sped up on my car and began yelling at me and cussing me out. He screamed that he was teaching his 14 year old daughter how to drive and I shouldn't have drove around her. I kept my window up and ignored him. I grabbed all my belongings and began walking into Walmart. He continued yelling and cussing me out and I finally turned around and said "it's illegal" when he kept saying that it was a 14 year old driving. That's when he screamed "oh whatever, you Black bitch!" I wasn't in Walmart long because I only needed one thing and used self check out. When I walked outside, the guy in the black truck and several other people began charging at me. One guy showed me his police badge and started screaming at me. He told me the guy was his chief and I better apologize to him now. I told him I wasn't going to do that and was walking to my car. He then grabbed me nd pulled me back into Walmart telling me I was being detained and the police were coming. When the police came, I began walking to the policeman when the aggressive guy pulled me by my arm again, told the cop that I was resisting arrest and demanded he arrest me. I spent 24 hours in jail and currently have a charge for evading arrest."

She said clearly, "I just don't want it to not happen to anyone else,"
Moron cop called a Black woman a bitch after she passed his daughter learning how to drive.
Ponder says she viewed photos of Crews online and she concluded that he was the person who engaged her in the verbal exchange and made the racially insensitive remark.

On Thursday, the city of Commerce said Crews was not involved in the initial altercation between two parties, but was at Walmart as a customer.

"Chief Crews became engaged in the incident after being approached by one of the parties," the city said in a statement. "Chief Crews made contact with the other party, but she failed to comply with his requests. As a result, she was arrest for evading arrest or detention when the responding officer arrived."

Chief Crews is placed in the freezer pending a potential cannon firing.

Some witness have video footage and the officer wore a body camera. So hopefully there will be some evidence to verify the story.

Friendly reminder: For every bad cop, there will be a dead cop. Good cops pay the price for every bad cop. These bad cops exercise bad judgment when it comes to abuse of power.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

White Extremist Murders Two "Good Guys" With A Heart!

White extremist kills two innocent men who tried to stop him from attacking Muslim women.

White extremism is big in the Democratic stronghold city of Portland, Oregon. 

Some white extremist murders two good Samaritans who tried to stop him from berating a Muslim woman on a light rail train.

This terrorist Jeremy Joseph Christian murdered two men. The terrorist stabbed them after they tried to intervene in his verbal threats towards two Muslim women riding the train.

Christian is an ex-enroll of the iron college. He was charged with aggravated murder, two ethnic and religious intimidation (federal hate crime) and weapons under disability. 

The federal hate crime charge plus murder could get this asshole a DEATH card. 

The terrorist is known through out Portland. He identifies with the Christian Identity/Neo Nazis group.

The victims, retired Sgt. Ricky Best and Reed College graduate Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche were called heroes for trying to stop this terrorist. They paid with their lives and the city of Portland will honor them. 

Micah David-Cole Fletcher was injured but survived. 

Ted Wheeler, the mayor of the city is concerned that white extremism is trying to smoother out the progressive and friendly values of most Portland residents.

"They were all attacked because they did the right thing," Wheeler said in a presser. "Their actions were brave and selfless and should serve as an example and inspiration to us all."

In Trump's America, the threat of radicalism only singles out Muslims and Black activism. 

Not one mention of white extremism or Christian terrorism. 

The terrorist is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

Why Are Racists Going Crazy Over Interracial Relationships?

Why are racists going crazy over interracial relationships involving Black and Brown/Red/Mixed  men?

That's a cute couple.  Why are bigots going nuts over this one?

The recent tirade of one Arkansas father over his daughter's prom date several days ago is a pattern of hateful bigots destroying their own daughters' lives in their blind racist ideology of white supremacy.  Blue Light Buzz and I have written about this aspect of sexual racism.  It permeates everything from family, employment, to politics. Remember over one year ago, the bigoted and incredibly insensitive Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, blistering about Black and Brown men coming to his home state getting White women pregnant and complaining about mixed race children.  His sentiments are shared by millions of non-Black men and women in this country.

Rewind back to two months ago, when an affluent Tennessee father cut off his daughter's education because she had a Black boyfriend.  Her friends and sympathizers raised money to help pay for her education.

There have been news reports of unhinged White and Asian men murdering Black men because they thought that it would get their women to stop interracial relationships with Black men.  They are afraid that their women are attractive to Black and biracial/triracial Black men of Color and is increasing in the age of Trump.

Back in 2008, an Asian man in Ohio was arrested for sending threatening letters to famous Black men such as Clarence Thomas, Seal, and Taye Diggs. During the same year, a racist shock jock in NC mocked and insulted Native Americans in a nortorious skit raining hatred at a then-intern's upcoming wedding with her Lumbee fiance.  The Lumbees have long fought against white supremacy and repression in that state.  That skit was the last straw.

Link:  Lumbee Indians Fought The Klan

From the 1600s to today, White America, especially the right-wing segment, have always been brutal toward Men of Color being intimate with White women.  The powers that be passed anti miscegenation laws, the Mann Act, have instigated mass hysteria through lynchings, drug wars, controversies over school and workplace integration, womens' rights(the right to vote), negative imagery through the arts and Hollywood, etc.

At the same time, most elite White men have relationships with Women of Color, both in America and the world while disenfranchising such women and their offspring through antimiscegenation and inheritance laws as well as Jim/Jane Crow, immigration/citizenship laws.  The real wrath is reserved for White women who had relationships with People of Color.

Today's right-wingers are flipping out about interracial relationships along with immigration and the fact the POC babies outnumber White babies back in 2011.  It is because they represent the browning of America, something that most Trump supporters and Republicans detest.  May I add, some White liberals as well.

I came across an article regarding the increase in interracial relationships.  The article states that interracial relationships had increased dramatically in the 21st century.   Here's the link to the Newsweek online article:

Interracial Marriage in America Are At An All-Time High

Here's another article written by Miles Niemuth at World Socialist website:

American Public Overwhelmingly Accept Interracial Marriage

Take that Richard Spencer, Trump, Jared Taylor, Pat McCrory, Thom Tillis, Bill O'Reilly, Bob Dumas, Steve King, Richard Cohen!  Ya'll are out of touch and overruled!  You cannot stop the browning of America no matter how hateful you all are to it.  DEAL WITH IT!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Jared Under Federal Watch!

Jared Kushner didn't disclose his conversations with Russian officials during the election and transition. Kushner is married to Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the inept leader Donald J. Trump. 

The top advisor and son-in-law to our inept leader Donald J. Trump is under federal watch. Jared Kushner is facing FBI scrutiny got his failure to disclose talks to Russian officials. He also met with a Russian banker who had sanctions imposed upon him.

Jared is married to Trump's oldest daughter Ivanka. They are official staff members to The White House. Kushner is a real estate investor and former CEO of the New York Observer. He until recently was a Democrat. Now he's a Republican and Trump's inner circle. And this inner circle is now under fire because of loose lips and a lot of speculation.

But this speculation is getting wider and the hole is getting deeper.

Democrats are fiercely calling for his security clearance to be revoked. Republicans are cautiously concerned about this. The know that the LEFT will demonize them like they've did Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

For you see, the Republicans were wasting their time covering Benghazi. They worked on speculation and "witch-hunts" to ruin Clinton's chances at winning the election.

Russian meddling also became a focal point to how she lost as well.

Many reasons but mostly sexism contributed to her failed bid for president.

Kushner used his New York Observer to push fake stories about her. He got his tip line from Russia.

Jared's influence was spotted in the recent cannon firing of James Comey, the FBI director. Trump fired Comey when he admitted that he was looking into the matter with Russia. Comey made a memo detailing how Trump was trying to engage in conversation about dropping criminal charges against Michael Flynn, the disgraced National Security Advisor.

The FBI has learned that Jared has sought a private line connecting the Kremlin to the Trump transition team.

The FBI has placed him in the "person of interest" section.

The Washington Post had found out about this through current and former intelligence agents familiar with the communication intercept.

Ambassador the U.S. from Russia is Segei Kislyak. He's engaged in conversation with Kushner, Jeff Sessions, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Michael Flynn.

Each of these men are under federal watch.

Trump is heading home after appearing at the G7 Summit. He kind of became a laughing stock over there because of his ineptness. He also was dissed by French Republic's president Emmanuel Macron.

Talk about espionage are plaguing Trump, Mike Pence and Republicans.

Dems The Blues!

Democrats are taking Ls.
Democrats have 0.

I mean zero in wins despite how deeply unpopular Donald J. Trump and Republicans are. They lost in Kansas, South Carolina, Montana and they'll probably lose the special election runoff Georgia.

They lost in Omaha's mayoral election.

Democrats are feeling the blues. Their base of voters don't vote. They don't care or do care but won't vote. I heard the voices of people who say that voting isn't important. They say that voting won't change anything.

They are all the same.

Despite the marches, the rowdy town halls and the scandals surrounding Trump, the Democrats ain't got a plan or a strategy. Many of the voters rather have an inept Trump than a politician.

Conservatives are truly a winning coalition. They are so anti-everything. They are inspiring voters to turnout to support Republicans. Democrats have no message. The demonization  of Trump and a relentless media asking for answers has galvanized conservatives to the polls. At this rate, I expect Republicans to hold control of Congress in 2018. I expect Trump to win reelection despite the controversy.

Man, you guys on the left ruined Hillary Clinton. I mean all that "Feel the Bern" and "We're All In" nonsense isn't working either!
Greg Gianforte is Representative-elect.
I supported Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) primary. I supported Hillary Clinton's presidency. I know that Clinton didn't reach out hard enough to the forgotten. The rural and underclass White voter who vote Democrat in state elections turned out for Trump.

Democrats were extremely slow in mounting up necessary people to get momentum for a folk singer turned politician.

Rob Quist's failed attempt to take a seat in relatively Republican Montana was a disaster.

Despite an ethically challenged opponent in Greg Gianforte, the Republicans managed to take the seat by nearly 8 points. I mean that's a sign of Republicans losing momentum, but Democrats don't get victories.

Gianforte is still facing a battery charge and will appear in court soon. The Representative-elect is already a prime target for Center for Responsibility and Ethics (known as C.R.E.W).

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Theresa May Is Reconsidering Her Yummy Trump Steaks!

Trump and Theresa May will have a shouting match. The U.S. leaked classified information  about the Brits.

The Brits are very angry about American intelligence leaking information about the Manchester attack. The attacker is a 22-year old man who was inspired by the Islamic State. He went to the Manchester Arena during Ariana Grande concert. He would carry a backpack loaded with nails and bolts and detonate himself in front of children and their parents.

The incident killed 24 people including the bomber, Salman Abedi.

Abedi, a British born man who has no prior criminal history was on the radar. His brother and father are being charged with aid and comfort. They are innocent until proven guilty in a royal court of law.

Hashem and father Ramadan knew about the Abedi's attack. They chose to not tell enforcement and now they'll be faced with murder complicity.

Prime Minister Theresa May will meet with Donald J. Trump in Belgium. They will appear at the NATO summit this afternoon.

She will address Trump personally about how the American junk food media leaked the information and the graphic pictures online.

The UK is possibly ending their shared information alliance.

Also Trump is facing fire for leaking information to foreign officials.

Republicans were complaining about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama leaking information to the press. Well it turns out that Republicans are the "loose lips" that sink ships.

Trump is embarrassing our nation. Globally, he's inept and here at home, Russia is hoping that Trump destroys the United States.

Ben Carson's Ignorance Is Truly A "State Of Mind!"

HUD Secretary Ben Carson and his best buddy, conservative agitator Armstrong Williams call people on poverty "a state of mind."

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson made himself the news again. The former neurosurgeon who became Trump's only Black cabinet member is said to the junk food media, "poverty is a state of mind."

The idiot said on Wednesday, that being poor is a part of a mindset.

Carson who overseas a department that handles housing for millions of low-income Americans made the comments on Armstrong Williams, a closeted Black conservative agitator on SiriusXM.

"I think poverty to a large extent is also a state of mind," Carson said on Williams show. "You take somebody that has the right mindset, you can take everything from them and put them on the street, and I guarantee you in a little while they'll be right back up there,"

Williams is Carson's former campaign strategist and best friend.

Carson was quickly condemned for the comments.

This is how Republicans think. They believe that being poor is a choice and not a product of the situations many Americans face when they're struggling to feed their families.

Coin Flip!

Did a Republican sink his bid for Congress? Greg Gianforte attacked a reporter. Democratic opponent Rob Quist is hoping to turn the tables around.
The Democrats are hoping to capitalize off a major mistake from a Republican candidate. To replace Ryan Zinke as the former Republican at-large Montana congressman who took a job as top Interior Secretary, two idiots are running for the open seat.

On the eve of the special election, Republican candidate Greg Gianforte was charged with battery and assault. The Republican candidate for the seat was caught in an audio assaulting a reporter for the British newspaper The Guardian.

Ben Jacobs said that Gianforte "body slammed me and broke my glasses" after he asked a question about the CBO score for the American Health Care Act (Trumpcare, Don't Care, Ryancare, etc..)

Democratic candidate Rob Quist is hoping to pull an upset. The candidate is a musician and rancher.

He is hoping that the local impact could drive people out to the polls.

Reporter Ben Jacobs is pressing charges against Republican candidate.
But then again, given that old fart Rush Limbaugh, Sean "Softball" Hannity, The Drudge Report, Fox News and Donald J. Trump are anti-journalism, expect this to possibly "benefit" Gianforte.

The conservatives are anti-media so obviously, there are some on social media cheering this attack.

Hell it may drive them to polls and vote for the Republican tech millionaire.

So far the race is still regarded as SAFE REPUBLICAN. If this incident shakes up the race, then it will be a surprise to me and many who view the 2018 Midterm elections as "toss-up."

If Gianforte becomes the Representative-elect, he will immediately be labeled a "ethics" risk.

Anyway, the suspect is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Block Is Hot!

This moment in history. Trump's influences on the world brings out the hate.

In the picture you see Pope Francis and our inept leader and his family. A real testament to how relations with world leaders will be certainly on the downside.

Racially-motivated incidents in the United States are on the rise. And once again, me and S.B continue to address these controversial issues. It's just not attack on Black people. It's attacks on women, Muslims, Hispanics, immigrants, gay couples, and transgender people.

This is a problem that's going to get worse under Donald J. Trump. The most polarizing leader to ever hold office continues to embarrass our country.

First things first, he rolls out his budget. This budget will hurt the middle and lower class. He is proposing tax cuts, cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the Affordable Care Act, the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program,and federal assistance programs (farm aid, disaster relief, Pell Grants).

The Turkish leader brutalized protesters when he came to Washington. Recep Erdogan allowed his personal staff brutalize protesters in the United States. A real criminal act. All the while Trump showed no sign of addressing it.

Then of course these incidents.

At a Texas beach.

At a Sprint Store in Mananas, Virginia.

At a Walmart.

In a suburban Georgia school.

At a local airport

Also a teacher caught on camera kissing a boy.

You notice a pattern to this? Remember conservatives were saying that Barack Obama is the "divider-and-chief." They said that he should address every racial or religiously motivated attack in the United States.

They called the first African American president a "racist" because he said that "Trayvon could have been my son."

Trump is bringing out the worst in the country.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Three Strikes And You're Out!

Sleeping Giants, The Color of Change and Media Matters for America are now focusing on one of my most talked about agitators on this blog. It took a few weeks of shameless reporting to get progressives riled up to go after him.

Who's the next conservative agitator to fall? @slpng_giants

Ann Coulter
Jeanine Pirro
Tucker Carlson
Michelle Malkin
The Drudge Report
Gateway Pundit
Mark Levin
Joseph Paul Watson
Alex Jones
Steve Doocy
survey maker

Sean "Softball" Hannity is the most annoying conservative agitator in the junk food media. He can't go a day without vomiting bullshit on radio and television. He's gotten away with demonizing Barack and Michelle Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Alec Baldwin, Democrats, liberals and the cable news competition. He's name called, smeared, besmirched, and attacked people who disagreed with him.

He's put on right wing kooks on his carnival. Notable nuts include: David Clarke, Michelle Malkin, Pat Buchanan, Dick Morris, Bill Cunningham, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Kevin Jackson, Jesse Lee Peterson, Laura Ingraham and Jay Sekulow. Not to mention those guests who insult Obama, Clinton, and the victims of police shootings.
Seth Rich's death became a talking point. Sean "Softball" Hannity is using this poor man's death as a flagrant attack on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
The softball gotten a thrill up his leg when it comes to the creepy ass pervert we got as the leader of the United States. The softball is fiercely defending Donald J. Trump and his allies.

This Russian controversy isn't dying down. The softball is trying to deflect the controversy from Russia to focus on the murder of Seth Rich.

Now he's taking an opportunity to get his "facts" from an agent provocateur.

After pleas from the family of Seth Rich to not carry on, the softball continues on.

He said that some user named KimDotCom is telling the world the truth about Rich giving DNC memos to Wikileaks. The softball is making the assertion that the Democrats are panicking about this.

The intelligence agencies believe Russia played a factor in the 2016 U.S. election.

It hasn't stop the softball from doing the work that he claims the junk food media isn't covering.

Fox News had to retract a story that was posted in regards to the softball's relentless coverage.

On May 16, a story was post on the Fox News website on the investigation into the 2016 murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. The article was not initially subjected to the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting. Upon appropriate review, the article was found not to meet those standards and has since been removed.

What got the ball rolling was the Fox 5 story about Rich. It came from a former Fox News contributor named Rod Wheeler.

Wheeler was running the notion that the DC Metro Police were sitting on something huge. Wheeler made the assertion that there was a "stand down" order when it came to the Rich case.

Wheeler said that the DC Metro Police and the FBI have Seth Rich's computer.

Wheeler was pushing this stuff on the social media and then the trending topic was "Seth Rich."

Soon the softball would get involved and promoted it in primetime.

Wheeler was pulled from the junk food media. Wheeler was restrained from talking to the junk food media. The family lawyer ordered Wheeler to stop talking or else face a lawsuit.

Now the family of Rich is ordering Fox News and the softball to retract and apologize.

No apologies from the softball.

The softball is going to address the "destroy Trump media" on his right carnival.

Behind the scenes, the Fox News staff is annoyed to the point where they can't stomach listening to his nightly verbal garbage.

Some are saying to the co-workers, "ARE WE STILL AIRING THAT SHIT!?"


It's time to go!!!

Do you think Sean "Softball" Hannity's right wing carnival gonna get shut down?

Roger Moore Passed Away!

Roger Moore passed away.

Sir Roger Moore, the legendary actor who filmed the James Bond movies more than many of his successors passed away in Switzerland after fighting cancer. He was 89 year old.

He played the famous spy in seven Bond films including cult class Live and Let Die and the Spy Who Loved Me.

The family confirmed the news on social media saying that their dad had died after a "short but brave battle with cancer."

"With the heaviest hearts, we must hare the awful news that our father, Sir Roger Moore, passed away today. We are all devastated," they said in a post.

He will have a private funeral in Monaco in accordance with his wishes.

The James Bond movies are blockbusters. Roger Moore's impact on them had made the franchise a huge success.

The folks over in the United States and the United Kingdom will miss him.

What makes it very interesting, Moore would be a good investigator here in the states. The spy stories over here in the United States are real. The former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn will invokes the Fifth Amendment in the Congressional probe of him getting paid by foreign entities.

Flynn is considered an agent of a foreign entity for his close relationship with Russian officials.

The junk food media are investing their time into the allegations of Donald J. Trump and his allies getting help from Russia.

Flynn, Carter Page, Roger Stone, Jeff Sessions, Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner are under investigation for possible collusion with Russian Federation espionage.

White Extremist Murders College Student For No F**king Reason!

This white extremist is facing first-degree murder of a Black college student.

The FBI is looking into the attack of a Black man by a White extremist as a hate crime. They peeped out the extremist's social media and found some interesting (incriminating) things on there.

This white extremist Sean Urbanski stabbed to death Richard Collins III for no fucking reason.

The white extremist was enrolled at the University of Maryland.

Richard and his friends were from Bowie State University. They were waiting on an Uber and this asshole comes out of nowhere to start threatening Richard. A few words were exchanged, then a fight and this asshole starts striking the victim with a knife.

Collins joined the U.S.Army was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant on Thursday. This happened two days before his death.

The white extremist was apparently intoxicated and incoherent when the attack happened.
Richard Collins was murdered by this white extremist for no fucking reason.
The white extremist grabbed a folding knife out of his pocket and stabbed Richard three times in the chest. The two friends, an Asian American woman and White man were quick to detain him.

The white extremist will face first-degree murder, second-degree murder, felonious assault and aggravated manslaughter. Each charge in the state of Maryland could keep this asshole in the iron college for LIFE. The white extremist is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

While the conservatives are demonizing ex-president Barack Obama, Muslims and Ariana Grande for the attack in Manchester, England, they'll ignore the real threat at home.

Homegrown extremism is on the rise in the United States. The conservatives are blaming Brown, Black and a religion for terrorism. The refuse to acknowledge White extremism.

Why can't we just blame the attacker?

Monday, May 22, 2017

Never Ends! Ariana Grande Concert Ends With A Terrorist Attack!

Attack in Manchester. Ariana Grande was performing in England when a terrorist attack happened.

The Islamic State claims responsibility. A few of the victims met the entertainer before the attack. It was a suicide bomber.

In Manchester, England, there was a massive bombing. This happened at a concert venue with headline performer American singer/actress Ariana Grande.

We can't tell how many fatalities or how many were Americans. The consulates are on standby.

Police were responding to reports of an explosion and that there were a number of confirmed casualties and others injured.

Manchester Arena, one of the largest venues in Europe was capable of holding over 21,000 people.

Grande who just left the performance is "shaken" but is okay. She didn't expect a peaceful concert to end with bloodshed.

Prime Minister Theresa May was informed about incident. The United States was also alerted. Donald J. Trump will likely address it in either Jerusalem or Brussels.

The city raised the threat to severe and it is demanding that residents stay away.

Facebook activates the "I AM SAFE" function to alert family members to those who may have survived this attack.

No claims of responsibility but rest assured if its the Islamic State, expect more tongue from Trump, Mike Pence, Republicans and conservative agitators.

Mind you that it's not foreign born terrorism. It's inspired by those who felt that there's no out. The bullied, the discriminated, the hurt, the reject and most times its the nice guy.

The nice guy is more dangerous than the rebellious. They are often inspired to commit acts of terrorism when the world is shutting them out.

I am not offering prayers or condolences. I am done with that.

We as Americans should offer a hand to our cousins across the pond.

Donnie Trump and Bibi Netanyahu Are Stupider Than Dirt!

Trump is aging. He is on his first international dignitary trip. He meets the most corrupt foreign leader in the world, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Donald J. Trump arrives in Tel Aviv, Israel. He and the family got out of that icky Saudi kingdom and landed in the unofficial 51st state. They were given a very warm greeting from BiBi.

But al-Jazeera English properly dissected all the fake news that was being spread around the web.

One thing that was popping up was Melania Trump not wearing a headscarf. In Saudi Arabia, many women are required to follow a conservative attire when in public. Many conservatives were quick to condemn Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama for wearing them. They were claiming that Melania was being "bold and brave."

al-Jazeera English does real journalism by pointing out that the kingdom doesn't require foreign dignitaries' wives to wear headscarves. They got photos of British prime minister Theresa May, Michelle Obama and Queen Elizabeth II in Saudi Arabia not wearing them.

And then this moment where Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked about protocol by Trump.

Then this.

You see the leader of this stupid ass country listening to a foreign speech with his hands crossed and frowning.

Some pointed out that Melania felt miserable. Trump would try to reach for her hand and she quickly batted it away.

Truly funny stuff.

Trump vowed to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Not today. He will not address that for now. In today's speech, Trump will acknowledge the threat of "radical Islam." Oops, he will say terrorism. He will not support a two-state solution to the conflict. Oops, he will.

Who knows what Trump will do while he's in Israel. His handlers are pleading to him to not embarrass the United States. So far, he's been at best tepid but not inept.

Also the Saudis gave $100 million to Ivanka Trump's charity. Remember Trump was complaining about The Clinton Foundation.

Ivanka praised the Saudi government for their women's rights. Of course, remind Trump that he and his buddy Sean "Softball" Hannity were complaining about how Hillary Clinton was taking donations from the Saudis that were treating women like crap.

What Trump's going to say in his presser?

Teen Carjackers Kill Kingston Frazier!

A teen carjacks a vehicle outside of a Jackson supermarket. The teen's murders Kingston Frazier, an innocent 6 yr. old boy for no fucking reason.

These callous teens murders a 6 year old boy. These teens were involved in a car jacking in Jackson, Mississippi. The Associated Press obtained a statement on Friday from a source with knowledge to the case involving the death of Kingston Frazier.

Two of the teens are trying to finger one another for the heartless murder of Kingston.

We are our own worst enemy.

What kind of human being would kill an innocent child for no fucking reason?

The boy was found shot to death at the side of a dead end street inside his mother's car.

Someone stole his mother's Toyota Camry after she was in the local Kroger while he slept.

Ebony Archie regrets ever leaving her son in the car. She was only in the store for a few minutes. At 1 AM, video footage shows one of the teens taking the car from the parking lot.
D'Allen Washington, Dwan Wakefield and Bryon McBride are going to face a possible DEATH card for the murder of an innocent boy.
These assholes, Dwan Wakefield, D'Allen Washington and Byron McBride are being charged with murder, kidnapping, tampering with evidence and carjacking. The murder charge alone in Mississippi could carry the DEATH card. But due to their ages and possible mental competency, LIFE in the iron college is likely.

These individuals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

It was nine hours before the law found the boy's boy in a small town outside of Jackson.

It angers law enforcement.

"All they had to do is let this kid off on the side of the road, at a grocery store, at a church, anywhere else, but they chose to kill the kid," a sheriff's spokesman said, according to the New York Times.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

This Ignorant Beeyotch Serves Knuckle Style Chili At A Lyft Driver!

Lyft driver was served a helping of knuckle style chili by an ignorant rider. 

This racist beeyotch serves a Lyft driver a serving of knuckle style chili in Florida. The driver was a Black woman and the server was a White woman. As with most Lyft and Uber drivers, the risk of picking up strangers is extremely dangerous. The strangers under the influence of alcohol and drugs are extremely dangerous.

Michelle Jennings was a victim of this. Michelle picked up this rider who apparently was drunk.

The rider was acting a complete fool inside Michelle's car.

Michelle told the junk food media in the Tampa Bay area that this woman was totally out of line. She ripped apart her headrest and blew her nose in it and then started attacking her because of her race.

This happened in April and it viral when she posted it on social media. This happened in St. Petersburg, Florida. The rider wiped her nose on the backseat headrest after she complained that Michelle had no napkins or tissues for her nose.

Michelle was smart. She kept a camera at the ready and was filming this woman berate her because of her "skin color."

"You're kicking me out just because I don't have the same skin color as you, bitch!"
This nasty woman claimed Lyft driver Michelle Jennings was being a racist for kicking her drunk ass out of her car. She was identified as Stephanie Young.
As Michelle was ending the trip, she told the rider to get out her car. The rider got belligerent and started coughing on Michelle. The rider then reached up and slapped Michelle.

Michelle resisted.and tried to stop her from getting near her. A security guard comes to the window and Michelle is asking for her to call the police. At that point, that rider started to spit on her and attack her.

Then Michelle escaped leaving the camera running.

Michelle had her head ripped out, a fingernail broken, cuts and bruises.

Lyft is investigating the situation and it's likely that the rider is going to be "iced."

The rider was identified as Stephanie Young.

Hey, Stephanie Young: Expect death threats.

She will be likely charged with battery and public intoxication. Young is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Lyft and Uber face a bunch of controversy. As a Lyft and Uber driver, I have to deal with this nonsense every night I decide to use my vehicle as a taxing service for those who need ride.

Don't get me wrong, It's fun and great conversations. However, the taxes owed, the potential of extremely slow nights, the destruction of your car, the ratings and the miles placed on your car can really make you rethink about that "side-hustle."

Michelle. Stay strong, beautiful and Black. We got your back and we hope this experience will get Lyft to change their policies on picking up riders who pose a safety to drivers.

Bow Down!

Donald J. Trump and conservative agitators were up in arms when then President Barack Obama was meeting foreign dignitaries. They often complained about him bowing to them.

Well it seems like conservatives are quiet on Trump taking a bow and curtsy to King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

While on his first international trip as the leader of this pathetic country, Trump, Melania, Ivanka, Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon and Sean Spicer all got to meet some leaders.

Trump got slammed on social media for bowing and taking a curtsy.

What also got people's attention is Bannon's reaction a ritual performance of the Saudi royal guard.

So any thoughts on the matter?

Did Trump bow or kneel?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Massacre Of Television!

ABC cancels Last Man Standing, a longstanding sitcom featuring Tim Allen and Nancy Travis. Conservatives are claiming that ABC axed the show because of Allen's staunch support of Donald J. Trump.

My honest take on what 2016-17 season of television.

Right off the bat, I am very disappointed in the canceling of Last Man Standing. The show was close to the seventh season when talks between 21St Century Fox and ABC fell apart. Tim Allen, the show's creator and star was blindsided by the news of his show being axed. Allen is a Republican who supported John Kasich for president before he turned to Donald J. Trump. Allen's show focused on a mixture of culture, politics and family. The show also featured Nancy Travis, Hector Elizondo, Molly Ephraim, Kaitlyn Dever, Christoph Sanders, and Amanda Fuller. The show even had special guests like Jay Leno and Kim Kardashian-West on thes show. It pulled in 8 million viewers on Friday.

With Last Man Standing cancelled, the follow-up third season of Dr. Ken was cancelled as well. Dr. Ken was a show based off the real life comedian, voice actor and certified physician Ken Jeong. He created the show based off his real life experience in the medical field. The show featured an ensemble cast of entertainers of diverse backgrounds. Suzy Nakamura, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Jonathan Slavin and Dave Foley were the stars of the show. Some of the guest on the show were Joel McHale, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Alison Brie. They were featured players on Jeong's previous show Community on NBC.

The Real O'Neals, a situation comedy dealing with a gay teen trying to figure out how to adjust to a somewhat staunch Catholic family. It was created by Dan Savage, political agitator and writer. The show featured Noah Galvin, an openly gay actor who portrayed the character based off Savage. Also featured in the show was Martha Plimpton, Jay R. Ferguson, Matthew Shively and Bebe Wood.

Also ABC cancelled Shonda Rimes show The Catch. It will be ending Scandal soon. Rimes is hinting a prequel to Grey's Anatomy.

American Crime, Imaginary Mary, Conviction, Time After Time, Secrets and Lies were cancelled as well. They gave The Middle, Speechless, American Housewife, Fresh Off The Boat, Black-ish and Modern Family the green light. Dramas like Quantico, Designated Survivor, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will continue on for the time being.

I was worried that they were going to cut Quantico and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Rosanne is returning for a short order. Most of the original cast will return to the show.

Also American Idol will make a return to television. ABC bought the rights to the show and it will be in direct competition with America's Got Talent and The Voice on NBC.

NBC also saw some bloodshed this season. Not so much as the longstanding shows, but the ones that were about to take off really didn't.

Of course, DC's Powerless was lackluster. Emerald City, Grimm, and The Blacklist Redemption was cut from the lineup. I have strong doubts The Carmichael Show will survive a fourth season given that they moved it to late May for the prequel season shows.

NBC saw the good of most of their shows. America Ferrera's show Superstore continues to shine. Law & Order: SUV, Chicago (Fire, Med, and P.D.) will continue to reign (although Justice is possibly canned). Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots continues on. This is Us, Taken, Timeless, Great News, THe Good Place, The Blacklist, Blindspot, Shades of Blue, running.

CBS also made some real tough calls on shows. Kevin James continues on. Kevin Can't Wait was a ratings success. It will continue on Monday. Matt LeBlanc's Man With A Plan did modestly well. It will continue. Superior Donuts was an instant smash. It will be given a full season.

The Big Bang Theory will be on for the next two seasons. Chuck Lorre's other sitcom Mom will continue as well. The prequel comedy Young Sheldon will come to CBS.

Scorpion will be masterminding another season.

Life in Pieces is a ratings success. The move from Monday to Thursday was a risky move but it paid off for the show. It's a go for season three.

Fridays will dominate with MacGyver, Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five-O.

Elementary, Madam Secretary, Code Black, NCIS (including Los Angeles and New Orleans), Criminal Minds and Bull will continue on.

Beth Behrs and Kat Denning's sitcom 2 Broke Girls ends on a cliffhanger. The executives cancelled the show last minute. They canned Joel McHale's The Great Indoors. They ended Matthew Perry's The Odd Couple.

Bill Paxton's death also ended Training Day. CBS placed the show on burnout and it was quickly cancelled upon Paxton's death.

CBS cancelled Pure Genius, Doubt, Ransom and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

The CW continues to be a dominating force in DC Comics. Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and iZombie are hits. They were quickly renewed before the second episode.

I really love the dramedies on The CW. Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are critically acclaimed comedy/musical dramas. The actresses Gina Rodriguez and Rachel Bloom both won Golden Globes for their outstanding roles in the shows, respectfully.

The CW was on the fence with both shows. So I am guessing that as a token of goodwill, they let them survive a final season without mentioning it.

Riverdale is a dark version suspense drama based off the famed comic Archie and Friends. The show is winning the demo. It was quickly renewed in the middle of the season.

The post-apocalyptic dramas The 100, The Originals and cult classic Supernatural will continue on another season.

DC Comics will add another show to the roster. Black Lightning will come this Fall.

Frequency and No Tomorrow were quickly cancelled. Also Significant Mother was cancelled as well.

The Vampire Dairies, Beauty and The Beast and Reign were given proper endings.

The old ABC drama Dynasty will be a reboot on The CW. Valor and Life Sentence will be on the Fall listings.

On Fox, Empire is still standing. It saw a modest drop off but it was still ratings draw. Star is also renewed dispute harsh reviews from critics. Gotham and Lucifer are a go. The shows had modest drop off but it developed a major cult following.

Last Man on Earth is a cult comedy with Will Forte. It will continue to keep you guessing on how Tandy and his friends survive being the last human beings on Earth.

Fox's animation series Bob's Burgers, Family Guy and The Simpsons were renewed. They are the only animated sitcoms on American television.

Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford's action/comedy drama Lethal Weapon continues on.The television version of the blockbuster movie has been a great success. It was a good lead in for Empire. It will get a second season.

New Girl is going to be in its final season. After eight seasons, Fox will end it soon. Show creators Zooey Deschanel and Elizabeth Meriwether will find a new home for the show. There will be at least 8 episodes for the final seasons.

Finally Fox. I was already upset they cancelled Rosewood. But the rest, I wasn't really surprised about it but somewhat shocked. Fox decided that APB, Pitch, Making History, Scream Queens, Sleepy Hollow, Son of Zorn, and You the Jury were not hits so they cancelled them.

Bones was given a proper ending.

So I want to know how you feel about the massacre of television?

Are you disappointed about the loss of Last Man Standing, 2 Broke Girls, Rosewood and
Dr. Ken?

Are you disappointed about the cancellation of Last Man Standing, 2 Broke Girls and Dr. Ken?

Yeah. I was watching those shows. The networks made a huge mistake in canceling these shows.
Nah. They ran their course and I believe that networks were paying too much to keep them on.
There's hope these shows will make another season on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime.
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Welcome to Dumpy Dumpy Downtown Dayton, Ohio

Coon Clarke Carries The Bags!

Wisconsin's top coon lawman takes a federal job.
The soon-to-be former controversial sheriff of Milwaukee County is leaving for Washington, DC.

David Clarke accepted a job as the Assistant Secretary to the Department of Homeland Security.

The most polarizing lawman of color, Clarke has made it no secret he's no fan of Black Lives Matter, Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. Mind you that Clarke was constantly elected as a Democrat.

Instead of facing a humiliating reelection bid, Clarke found an out that could have him on the post for the next....well who knows!

He won praise with conservatives by calling for law and order. His provocative commentary and attire were a draw. Conservatives were saying that he is one good NIGGER.

He will also take a role with the Office of Partnership and Engagement as a liaison to state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies. He will leave the position of sheriff in June.

The DHS and Office of Partnership and Engagement denies Clarke has a role in the organization.

Announcements will come soon.

One thing about conservatives, they sure love to brag a lot. Think about the leader of this pathetic country. He bragged to Russian officials about our top-secret plans about the Islamic State.

Clarke is a feverish Trump supporter and a frequent guest on conservative agitator radio programs.


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