Friday, April 14, 2017

Two Georgia County Boys Served A Motorist Knuckle Style Chili!

Two officers are fired out the cannon after they were caught on camera serving a motorist knuckle style chili.

That squinty eyed bigot Jeff Sessions is trying to dispose of the policies that the Obama administration recommended in regards to police reform.

Sessions is trying to make it easier for cops to get away from criminal charges.

Two Gwinnett County boys were fired out the cannon after a video surfaced of the two serving a motorist a helping of knuckle style chili.

A couple of videos surfaced on social media. The two officers who stopped a motorist for having an expired license and an ounce of weed was served. The motorist had his hands up when one of the officers gave the person a knuckle style chili.

Another video shows the officer and suspect were on the ground. At that point the second officer comes into the picture and serves the motorist a toe jam sandwich.

These actions by former Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni and Master Police officer Robert McDonald could have them seeing the judge. The prosecutor is weighing if these two could face a court trial.

Demetrius Hollins clearly bruised said that he will not speak until he has a lawyer present. He was driving his red Acura Integra on Sugarloaf Parkway when he was pulled over. According to the former cop, Hollins was changing lane without signaling, no license plate and not pulling over upon seeing flashing lights. Hollins did pull over to a safe area.

Bongiovanni said that Hollins was acting strange. He claims to seen weed or smelled it. He ordered Hollins out and he refused (and asked for a supervisor). He wanted to call his mother and that's when Bongiovanni ordered him out. Collins with his hands out was resisting orders. He soon got served.

Hollins struggled for a second but upon the end of the struggle, McDonald comes into frame giving him a toe jam sandwich.

Each of these officers were inappropriate.

The sheriff of the county was so applaud about this. Sheriff Butch Ayers said in a presser that these officers failed at their job. This isn't proper training and the use of force wasn't justified.

Obviously this shit has been going on for years. Maybe this video exposes a tactic that Black motorists knew about the Gwinnett County boys.

I can only imagine that this isn't just one isolated event.

Hollins was charged for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, obstruction of a police officer, traffic citations for driving on a suspended or revoked license, failure to signal and improper brake lights.

Hollins is innocent until proven in a court of law.

The two officers could appeal their firing through a police union. The police union probably rush to the junk food media to denounce the decision, blame the suspect and call Black Lives Matter a group of unprincipled agitators.

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