Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Terrorist In The Washington State Mall Attack Goes Out Like A Punk!

Terrorist in the Washington state mall shooting was hanging on the sheets.

Do you remember back in 2016, a terrorist shot and killed five people inside a Washington State mall?

Yeah, the mass shooting at a Burlington mall had became a national news story. The terrorist Arcan Cetin was eventually caught after he was spotted on camera massacring innocent people. A man who tried to stop him paid the price as well. The victims and their families were robbed of justice.

The terrorist was charged with five counts of aggravated first degree murder after he walked into the Macy's store and lit up the place.

The terrorist is of Turkish decent was naturalized as an American in the 2010s. He lives 30 miles from the mall. He didn't know the victims.

The terrorist had mental issues said his father. They said that he wasn't in the right mind when he decided to murder those innocent victims.

The terrorist decided to go out like a punk to defy the victims. He robbed them the opportunity of justice.

The terrorist was found with the bed sheets over the rails. He decided to let himself hang out for awhile. The day shift checked him around 9am on Tuesday They found him on the rails. They rushed him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead around 12am.

During that time, the candidate, now current leader of the United States, Donald J. Trump was bemoaning about then President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton coming for the guns. He said that Americans should stand up against the Clinton by any means necessary.

Trump will be speaking at the NRA Convention this month. He will ignore the victims of gun violence. He will appease people who could inspire more mass shootings.


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