Thursday, April 06, 2017

The King Of Roast Passed Away!

A legend in dissing passed away. Don Rickles passed away.

Don Rickles, the legendary crown jewel of comedy roasts has passed away in Los Angeles.

Entertainers and even Donald J. Trump expressed condolences to a man who was unafraid and unapologetic when it came to humor. Roasting celebrities was a tradition and Rickles used to let 'em have it.

He died at the age of 90 after he had kidney failure. He was survived by his wife Barbara and their children.

The "KING of ROASTS", Rickles enjoyed a career that spanned decades and it had him performing from nightclubs to motion pictures.

If you were looking for politically correct, you're not going to find it in Rickles.

Born in Queens, Rickles was the only child of an insurance salesman and housewife. He served in the Navy after getting out of high school and decided to follow his dad's footsteps. He was an insurance agent before he found a knack in comedy.

He performed in nightclubs and had began his career roasting hecklers. When they booed him, he would often single out the heckler and throw them bars. Them bars were harsh.

Since then, he had good footing with the Rat Pack's Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. He was dubbed an honorary member after he swept them off their feet with his routines.

He would be a featured player on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. And his breakthrough into mainstream dissing was the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts.

He had major roles in Martin Scorsese's Casino and Disney/Pixar's Toy Story. He would reprise his role as Mr. Potato Head in the fourth installment of the movie which is coming out in 2019.

Loved and cherished by the world, we lose a legend.

In honor of Don Rickles, we will have the Celebrity Roast of Dean Martin and let me tell you, it's funny!

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