Monday, April 17, 2017

Tee'd Off!

Golf outings are becoming an issue for Trump. On the sidelines, Donald J. Trump complained about then president Barack Obama's golf outings. Trump racked up 20 since he became the leader of the United States.

He does deserve time to relax!

But given the complaining, hand ringing and the downright bigoted comments, the fuhrer is facing the very same criticism that he gave to then President Barack Obama.

Mind you that 89% of Republicans still support Donald J. Trump. So it wouldn't matter how many times he goes golfing, as long as a Republican is in the leadership role, the complaints from conservatives die down.

Okay, the 19th time so far says The Washington Post.

Since taking office, however, Trump, an avid golfer who is reportedly a better player than his predecessor, has not shied away from his favorite pastime. His weekend outing in Florida was his 11th visit to one of his courses in the Sunshine State in his first two months, according to Mark Knoller, a CBS News White House correspondent who has logged detailed statistics on presidential outings over several administrations.

Okay, when will conservatives complain about the constant golfing?

Trump head home to Washington for the National Easter Egg Roll. He and the First Bimbo will be there for their first hosting of the annual event. It is noted that Melania Trump and their son will move to Washington by the end of the year.
Geraldo Rivera and Sean "Softball" Hannity hitting the links.
The Secret Service is being overstretched in its budget. For every move that Trump and Mike Pence makes, they're there. For the moves of their families, the House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Kellyanne Conway, they are there. The Secret Service has put more funds into protecting Trump's properties than the Trump sponsored security. Every trip to Mar-a-Lago is $3-10 million.

And you hear no outrage from conservatives agitators who constantly mocked Obama. Here's one that we're all familiar with.

Remember the ironic tweet from Trump's official softball!

If Sean "Softball" Hannity could predict the future! He made his controversial tweet in 2013. His ironic tweet is worth noting. An arrogant leader enjoys another round of golf while the military is being stretched in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and North Korea. Sounds like Trump does the softball a favor.

And of course, the Russian hacking investigation that the softball dismissed as "fake news."

When will this nonsense end?

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