Saturday, April 22, 2017

Scorched Earth!

Geeked up. Protesters are demanding Trump ans Congress do something about climate change.

Today is Earth Day.

The planet's temperature is rising and its bringing great concern among the world leaders. All in exception is the inept Donald J. Trump, a climate change denier.

Today, there were protests across the country demanding Congress and Trump get on the ball and deal with climate change. The protesters are demanding that the inept lawmakers spare the science research. The cuts are coming to institutions that deal with climate change and the president is all in on it.

On Fox News, a Nebraska farmer was on for an interview with the conservative network. He was upset about Trump's executive order to green light the Keystone XL pipeline. The pipeline would carry dirty tar oil sands from Alberta, Canada to the state of Texas. The pipeline was delay and indefinitely shut down by then president Barack Obama. The people living near the pipeline and border wall might sue the Departments of State, Homeland Security and Agriculture.

These things are going to be built on private property.

Obama cited environmental concerns, the potential for short term jobs and foreign investment involved in the construction of the pipeline.

Trump dismissed the concerns and is willing to take private land from Americans who voted for him to have this stupid pipeline built. The border wall, the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline will disrupt properties and pose potential for hazardous material to leak into the groundwater.

Mind you a border wall and fence can be dug underneath and illegal crossings are down since Obama got into office.

And Mexico isn't paying for the wall. Canada will pay a third of the pipelines. China will invested in a majority of it.

Congress will return on Monday. They will have a few days to pass a bill to fund the government. If they refuse to do so, the government could shut down. The public is getting fed up with lawmakers taking too many vacations and not doing much work. MIND YOU THAT A REPUBLICAN-CONTROLLED CONGRESS IS STILL SLOW AT PASSING MEANINGFUL LEGISLATION.

Congress will also get the ball rolling on trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The law which has been active for more than eight years was a rally cry for Republicans. They were grandstanding this notion that repealing the law would benefit the working class. They still can't agree on which parts of the law they want repealed. The do-nothing Freedom Caucus signals a full repeal and they will not get on board with rank-and-file Republicans to save any part of the ACA.

The last time they tried to repeal the law, it was quickly pulled because they didn't have enough Republicans on board. Democrats will not support anything Trump pushes.
Trump gives a Purple Heart to an injured soldier.
Trump was in Washington this Saturday. He visited the Walter Reed Medical Center. He and first bimbo Melania Trump were there to give thanks to the injured troops serving in the endless Afghanistan war. The leader gave an injured soldier a Purple Heart.

Trump had did the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday. He was nudged by Melania to place his hand over his heart. He also signed a boy's cap and then threw it into the crowd. The Easter Egg Roll was smaller compared then president Barack and first lady Michelle Obama.

The New England Patriots came to the White House to get praise from their biggest fan. Trump had a handful of staff, players, organizers Bill Belichick, and Robert Kraft there to celebrate their surprise victory over the Atlanta Falcons. The previous time the Patriots came to the White House most of the players, staff and organizers were there. Some of the players including Tom Brady took a knee and didn't visit the White House.

Gisele Bundchen went to social media to blast Trump before the Patriots were to show up. Aaron Hernandez, a former player hung himself in the iron college. His brain was donated to science.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and DNC chief Tom Perez did a unity tour. They could not agree on which candidate has the potential to beat Republicans. Sanders is pushing for the party to move to the left on many issues. Perez is cautious about losing the Democrats who still have tendencies to support Trump.

Next Saturday,  it will be 100 days for Trump. He will skip the White House Correspondents Association Dinner. He will hold a rally in Pennsylvania.

This is the first time a sitting skipped an annual event that hosts the media and comedian.

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