Thursday, April 06, 2017

Revisionist Trump Blames Obama For The "Red Line!"

Tiny-handed hypocrisy. Fuhrer Donald J. Trump was demanding President Barack Obama to get Congressional authority to strike Syria. Now as the leader of this country, Trump makes a callous move that could put us in another endless war.

Obama drew the "red line" when it came to the Syrian government using chemical weapons on its people. He was close to engaging into a war. But one thing stopped him from doing it: A Republican-controlled Congress. Yes, the Republicans were demanding Obama to get approval. They said that the fight in Syria was not worth it.

The Republicans wouldn't give a Democratic president authorization to strike. House Republicans refused to hold a vote to declare military action against Syria.

Republicans refused to give then President Barack Obama the military authority to strike Syria.

Somehow, they change their tune now that an inept leader like Donald J. Trump is in charge.

Alternative facts once again. Republicans are now praising the decision to strike.

Trump delivers his statement about the strike from his Maro-a-Lago resort tonight.

Trump of course says that "something has to be done" when it comes to Syria. He blames Obama for not engaging in a surgical strike against the Bashar Al-Assad regime.

Before Trump became the leader of this polarized and yes awful country, he was bemoaning Obama about meddling in the Syrian affair. Trump said this is going to be an "endless" war. He was demanding Obama ask Congress for military action.

I remember making a post about this. I was calling out Congress for trying to deny Obama the opportunity to take out Assad. I also criticized Obama for even tempting to engage in another endless war.

Here's a quote from my previous post.
As the commander-and-chief, Obama has to outline his military strategy. He wants procedure strikes on military bases and spots that contain chemical weapons. The president can do that as he pleases since he's the military leader. But some are bitching about the Constitution and the possibility of going into a long drawn out war.
He's getting criticized by the Opposition Team (Rand Paul, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee) on how he should address this issue in Syria. They wanted him to go to Congress to issue a declaration of war. Then when he shocked the junk food media with that, the same members of the Opposition Team are bitching about how it's a weak move by a president.
Congress is truly inept and willing to put the United States in a war that should have been left alone.

Now that Trump engaged in a military strike upon Syria will rile up the U.N., China, Russia and the United Kingdom. The allies will flex cautious reactions to this.

They will all demand whether the strike upon Syria was justified.

The United States wasn't attacked by Syria. This action was stupid.

Let's make this clear: Republicans flex their muscle through their tongues. They don't see the impact of a global war. All they see is our resources being used to "protect" our interests. And when the United States engage in a war, they want to fund more military spending over domestic spending.

They will place the United States in continuous engagements.

It will inflame the Arab world. It will prove to the terrorists that the United States is truly at war with Islam.

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