Saturday, April 01, 2017

Republicans View African Americans Very Negatively!

White Republicans view Black Americans very negatively.
The Washington Post has conducted a study about how White people view African Americans based on political party.

Some things never change. Republicans view Blacks negatively when it comes to intelligence, work ethic, and family.

This polling was conducted by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago.

White Republicans often critique Black men (and women) very negatively. They often resided on cultural stereotypes. White Democrats are no better but view Blacks less negatively.

Once again, the Democratic Party has changed significantly. Hence the election of Barack Obama, the two term first African American president. The Republican Party has still lags in diversity.

Given that Donald J. Trump's surprise victory has opened the door to outright racism in the United States. Many view the country is more divided than ever.

A terrorist who traveled to New York City to inflict harm on Black people was charged with federal hate crime charges as well as state charges of murder. The terrorist murdered Timothy Caughman, a man who did absolutely nothing to this guy. This terrorist's frustration with Black America was the fact that Black men were dating White women. He wanted to attack a Black man who dressed like a thug and a professional Black man who is arm clinged to a White woman.

Reminder, Jesse Lee Peterson is an example of Black extremism. He is regressive and divisive. Peterson gets frequent airtime on Sean "Softball" Hannity's programs. Peterson once said of Blacks Americans being trapped in poverty, out-of-wedlock pregnancy, constant complaining about White people and government entitlements.

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